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Why You Must Exchange Information Following an Accident

The After-Accident Procedure

After an accident occurs, there are certain procedures that must be followed. You have to ensure you are and no one else is hurt, you need to move your vehicles off the road, you need to call authorities if they are needed, and finally, you must exchange information with the other driver in the accident. The step of exchanging information is small, but it's important, because having this information is crucial to the steps after the accident.

Brooklyn, N.Y. - Teen Bicycle Dies After Collision with Car Door on 17th Avenue

Brooklyn, N.Y. (May 15, 2019) - A 16-year-old boy has died after he was involved in a vehicle accident while riding his bike, according to authorities. The fatal New York accident occurred on Wednesday evening, around 5:40 p.m., on 17th Avenue near 53rd Street, in the Borough Park area.

What Defective Tires Look Like

What is a Defective Tire?

Tires are an essential part of our vehicle. Without them, our vehicles simply would not move anywhere and stay exactly where they are. Tires can range in their appearance and use, which allows consumers to have a variety of tires that can fit their needs. Tires for snow and ice have thick tread to help the tires move in the slippery and icy conditions. All weather ties give you a balance of tread and size so that you can drive safely in most conditions. Tires can also come in a variety of sizes to help give your car that perfect look you want. Indeed, tires can do a lot for us as drivers, but what happens when a tire is defective?

Monroe, N.J. - Woman Killed in Accident on Forsgate Drive

Monroe, N.J. (May 14, 2019) - A woman has died after she was hit by a man who was driving with a suspended license and failed to stop. The fatal New Jersey accident occurred on Monday afternoon on Forsgate Drive, according to police.

Pleasantville, N.Y. - Wrong Way Driver Causes Injuries in Accident on Saw Mill River Parkway

Pleasantville, N.Y. (May 14, 2019) - A wrong-way driver has caused a head on accident, injuring both himself and the driver of the other car involved, according to police. The New York vehicle accident occurred Tuesday, around 1:10 a.m. on Saw Mill River Parkway near the Grant Street intersection.

When You Get into an Accident on the Highway

Accidents that Occur on the Highway

Accidents occur every day on every roadway imaginable, including the highway. While most of these accidents are fairly simple to navigate (exchange information, see if anyone is hurt, take pictures, etc.), accidents on the highway can be more difficult to manage and handle. These accidents are usually fairly serious to begin with, but these accidents incorporate more deadly factors than just any other accident.

How to Stop Texting and Driving

The Dangers Surrounding Texting and Driving

There are significant dangers that we face every day on the road when we drive. These dangers can be due to animals that wander onto the road, they can be due to weather that changes the conditions on the road, but most often, these dangers come from ourselves and other drivers. We as drivers often make unsafe decisions as we drive, whether that be driving while drunk, driving while not watching the roadway, or watching because our phones are more interesting to us than driving is, all of which can cause us to be involved in a serious accident.

Hamilton, N.J. - Several Injured in Vehicle Accident on I-195

Hamilton, N.J. (May 10, 2019) - Several people were left with injures after a multivehicle accident occurred on Thursday. The New Jersey vehicle accident occurred around 2:30 p.m. in Mercer County on eastbound I-195, according to police.

Brooklyn, N.Y. - Bus Carrying Special Needs Adults Involved in Accident on Avenue U

Brooklyn, N.Y. (May 10, 2019) - Multiple adults with special needs needed to go to the hospital following an accident involving the school bus they were riding on, according to authorities. The New York school bus accident occurred in the Old Mill Basin area, at the intersection of Avenue U and East 61st Street, around 9:20 a.m.

The Importance of Airbags in Accidents

When Were Airbags First Invented

It's almost comical to see how the first vehicles were put together compared to vehicles today. Vehicles of the past were built to simply get their occupants from point A to point B, while vehicles today are made to not only get people where they need to go, but also keep them safe while they do it. Vehicles today have multiple safety features meant to keep us safe; these features including impact zones, seatbelts, strong materials used to make the vehicle, and airbags.

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