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Seeking compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one

The loss of a loved one is a challenging event to cope with. While this tragic event is better prepared for when a love done is ill or elderly, death is always a difficult event to deal with. This is especially true when a family member is taken away from us too soon because they fell victim to an accident. The negligence and recklessness of others could suddenly take our loved ones away from us, and we are left with many questions as we grieve this sudden, difficult loss.

Older workers more prone to fatal workplace accidents

We can do everything right and still suffer tragedy. While we act with the intention of not being harmed in an accident, we cannot control the actions of others. This is especially true in the workplace. The health and safety status of the work environment significantly impacts a worker's ability to avoid life-threatening injuries in a work accident.

Alcohol a factor in a fatal crash in New Jersey

Drivers from all over the nation venture to New Jersey and New York for business or pleasure. While these motorists are not from the area, what remains true is the fact that they have the duty to drive safe in every state they travel through or in. Being negligent or reckless behind the wheel could cause a sudden, serious or catastrophic collision, injuring or killing those involved.

Pedestrian accident kills 1, injures another

Whether it is the cold weather or the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, motorists seem to be in a rush these days. And while we tend to live busy lives, this does not excuse such behaviors while driving. Regardless if a driver is speeding, distracted or intoxicated, all of these acts could be the cause of a serious or even fatal crash. Victims of such a collision as well as their loved ones have rights and options when seeking to hold a negligent motorist accountable.

Wrongful deaths are devastating

All of us are expected to live a long, full life. There may be some inherent danger in walking outside, driving a car, getting medical treatment or using specific tools or products, but we do not expect to lose our lives doing those kinds of things. We live our lives without fear, and embrace the small risks as necessary.

What are the elements for a wrongful death action?

The loss of a loved one is a tragic event to go through. No one is ever prepared for the death of a family member, even if they are elderly or sick. However, one is never prepared for the sudden loss of a loved one in a fatal accident. Because these incidents are often caused by the negligence of another party, it is important to understand that surviving family members are afforded the right to take legal action to hold a negligent party accountable for the accident and the damages arising from it. However, in order to take action, one must first prove that there was a wrongful death and that party is to blame.

Multi-vehicle crash in New Jersey kills one and injures another

Residents in New Jersey often feel the constant demands that life brings. And because of that, motorists find themselves driving from place to place at all hours of the day, even during morning and evening rush hour. While traffic is a part of driving, it is also something that motorists should remain attentive during. While a driver might be compelled to check their emails, text others or even make a phone call as a means to pass the time, this action is a dangerous choice to make. Anytime a driver is not paying attention to the road or the primary task of driving, this increases the risk of causing a car accident.

Electrocution blamed for girl's death in fatal boating accident

The warm weather and end of the school year means that many people will be out enjoying the New Jersey sunshine with their children. While the majority will return home safely after having a good time, it is an unfortunate reality that accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Many will involve injuries and fatalities. Even worse is when these incidents involve defenseless children. When there has been an accident due to negligence, those who were affected need to be aware of their rights and the steps to taking legal action.

Research looks at various aspects of fatal car crashes

It is an unavoidable reality that car accidents will happen in New Jersey, and a number of these will result in a fatality. Attempting to reduce these accidents, studies are often conducted to examine crashes and their causes. One study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) showed that the number of people who die in a late-model vehicles has risen slightly. This is attributed to the stronger economy, a factor that leads to more people driving and the chance that reckless drivers will be on the road. In addition, the IIHS believes that the number of fatalities might reduce in the coming years as the economy recedes.

Fatal workplace accident statistics show increase in New Jersey

Workplace accidents are a problem in New Jersey and across the nation. There are certain jobs that are more dangerous than others, but any job can have an incident that leads to injuries and a fatality. The statistics regarding these accidents are kept by government agencies to determine how and why they happen as well as to provide a guideline for their prevention.

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