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Filing an insurance claim for a dog bite

According to the Insurance Information institute, dog bites cause around 885,000 people to seek medical attention annually. If you are one of these people, how to proceed is not always clear, and the dog's owner may be hesitant to take responsibility for your injuries. One of the most common steps taken after a dog bite is filing an insurance claim. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your bite, this may be an option for you, too. Be sure to pay attention to the following steps if you are planning on seeking recourse through an insurance claim.

Woman sues Jimmy John's after father hit by a delivery driver

When a person is injured in a car or pedestrian accident, a question many people may have is: Was the driver of a vehicle negligent? This is an important question, but in some cases the inquiry may not necessarily stop after assessing that question. There may be another entity (or entities) that may be held liable for negligence. For instance, a product defect with the vehicle or its tires may be implicated in causing a wreck. Similarly, a company who owns the vehicle may have been negligent in some way when a worker crashes the company car.

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