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Helping you protect your rights following a pedestrian accident

Major cities can be dangerous places. This is especially true when it comes to pedestrians traveling in areas where traffic is heavy. Even when a motor vehicle is traveling a slow speed, the damage that a vehicle can do is astounding. When motorists in New Jersey and elsewhere are distracted or negligent, this could be the cause of a serious or even fatal pedestrian accident.

Parking lot collisions higher during holiday season

Thanksgiving does not only mark the time of year when residents in New Jersey and other states across the nation spend more quality time with their families. It is also marks the time of year when shopping increases. Due to the deals and holiday celebrations approaching, many are in a rush to get their gifts purchased on time. This not only increases motor vehicle traffic but also the number of people in parking lots.

Law enforcement amped up after rash of pedestrian accidents

Law enforcement in New Jersey have stepped up their enforcement efforts at several of this state's most notoriously dangerous intersections in the wake of several pedestrian accidents, some of which were fatal accidents involving children and teens.

How prevalent are pedestrian accidents?

Usually at some point of every day, residents in New Jersey are pedestrians. Even if it is for a mere 30 seconds, all it takes for a person to become a pedestrian is to be walking outside. Whether it is on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, residential area, shopping area or in a crosswalk, pedestrians are expected to follow certain rules when traveling near or on roadways. Even more so, motorists are expected to uphold a certain duty when operating a motor vehicle where pedestrians are present or frequent. Failure to do so could cause a motorist to overlook their surroundings and collide with a pedestrian.

Helping you recover damages following a pedestrian accident

With the warm weather still hanging on in most of the country, residents in New Jersey and other states seek to spend more time outside. For some motorists, this means keeping their vehicles at home and walking around the block, to the park, to work or to the store. While it can be an enjoyable time and an excellent source of exercise, walking on or near the streets can be a very dangerous activity. Although traffic rules and regulations seek to improve the safety of pedestrians traveling on sidewalks, in crosswalks and on the side of the road, pedestrian accidents unfortunately still occur at an alarming rate.

The seriousness of pedestrian accidents

Believe it or not, every time we are motorists, we are also pedestrians at some point. This is because when a vehicle is parked, we become a pedestrian when we walk from our parked car to a final destination. Whether it is in a city, shopping district or a residential area, pedestrians are found on sidewalks, parking lots and the side of a street. Therefore, drivers in New Jersey should constantly be aware of their presence. The failure to do so could result in a serious or even fatal pedestrian accident.

Hold negligent drivers liable for pedestrian accidents

Residents in New Jersey utilize all forms of transportation to get around. While many rely on motor vehicles and subways to get to and from their destinations, some individuals prefer to walk. While this is an effective and healthy way to get around, it subjects pedestrians to many dangers. Walking in areas with heavy traffic, especially in cities, can cause a pedestrian to face many dangers, even if they are in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk. Thus, pedestrians constantly face the risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident.

Factors impacting the rate of pedestrian accidents

It isn't uncommon to travel by foot. Even when individuals rely on vehicles to get around, there are often times when a motorist becomes a pedestrian. Whether it is in a parking lot, city sidewalks or in a residential area, when a driver exits their vehicle they become a pedestrian. No matter if it is for a short duration or long, pedestrians are faced with a wide variety of risks when they walk were vehicles travel.

Pedestrian accident with bus sends 8 to hospital in New Jersey

New Jersey residents likely realize the dangers when crossing the street or doing anything else as a pedestrian. Given the way certain drivers drive and the distracting behaviors many take part in, accidents can happen with a pedestrian and cause serious injuries and even death.

Driver caught after fleeing scene in fatal pedestrian accident

Pedestrians in Newark and throughout New Jersey are vulnerable to injury and death if they are on the wrong end of a confrontation with a car. When a person is hit by a car, there can be severe injuries with lifelong consequences. Often, these accidents are fatal. The crash is bad enough, but it is worse when pedestrian accidents become a hit-and-run. The expenses and aftermath often require legal help to be compensated.

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