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Joan Rivers: Melissa Rivers files a medical malpractice lawsuit

If you follow celebrity news in New Jersey, then you probably heard about the passing of Joan Rivers in September 2014. Now, her daughter has decided to move forward with a medical malpractice lawsuit based on her mother's death. According to her lawsuit, the doctors mishandled the endoscopy that was taking place and instead performed a laryngoscopy on her vocal chords.

Study looks at failure to diagnose heart disease among women

A recent study conducted by a medical insurance provider says that it is more common for primary care doctors to be sued for a failure to diagnose heart disease among women than cases brought against heart doctors. Family physicians or primary care doctors are sued in roughly half of the cases involving the issue. Cardiologists comprise about 22 percent of this type of medical malpractice claim.

Doctors often protect colleagues who make mistakes

Doctors perform so many functions throughout the course of one day that it's hard to imagine they would never make a mistake like misdiagnosing a physical ailment or prescribing the wrong medication. Perhaps they simply have the charts mixed up and are working with the wrong patient.

Study of nerve block errors shows room for physician improvement

A 10 year study of misplaced nerve blocks has shown that, while they are not as disastrous as wrong-site surgeries, they are much more common. The study also found that when policies are instituted and followed through by surgical teams, many of these wrong-site nerve blocks can be prevented.

Unsafe injection practices still too common

New Jersey residents might be interested to hear that unsafe injection practices are still far too common. One doctor experienced the truth of this statement herself when she contracted the hepatitis C virus while she was receiving chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer back in 2001. An investigation that the state health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did into the source of the doctor's infections reportedly revealed disturbing discoveries.

Digital medical records can lead to mistakes

The digitization of medical records has been promoted by President Obama as part of his effort to modernize health care systems in the United States. The shift from paper records to digital records can improve the speed and efficiency of health care by giving doctors quick access to information on patients, such as test results, medication and dosage, medical history and medical images. Now nearly 70 percent of the doctors in the nation use digital medical records.

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