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Surgical errors and never events

When New Jersey patients undergo surgery, this can be an emotional and difficult process. For many, this is a major deal regardless if it is planned, routine or emergency. Although experienced, educated and trained medical professionals will be completing the surgical procedure, patients have concerns. Even when the risks are known, it can be difficult to assess whether he or she is experiencing a known risk or are suffering because of a medical mistake or surgical error.

What is a growing cause of medical errors?

It is a rather lengthy and intense process to become a doctor. Years of school, training and experience are necessary to ensure that a medical professional is equipped with the proper knowledge to treat and care for patients. However, even when a New Jersey medical professional reaches an expert level, this does not mean that they are free from mistakes. In fact, doctors at any level of experience are prone to human errors. While these can be minor in some cases, others are very serious, causing serious harms to patients.

Does doctor burnout cause medical errors?

We all tend to get anxious when we visit the doctor. Whether it is a routine checkup, a visit to diagnose an ailment or a scheduled or emergency procedure, patients in New Jersey and elsewhere are often fearful of many "what-ifs." What if the doctor finds something wrong, what if I am diagnosed with a serious illness, what if I go through the wrong treatment plan, what if something goes wrong during surgery and what if the doctor missed something? These may be common concerns. However, there are some situations that patients should not be worried about, and that is the doctor being negligent. Unfortunately, medical mistakes and errors could occur, with negligence being the cause.

Medical malpractice, negligence and the standard of care

No matter the reason, when New Jersey patients visit a medical profession, they likely trust the observations and recommendations of their doctor. Whether it is a diagnosis, treatment plan or a procedure, patients trust the knowledge and expertise of physicians and specialist. Because they have obtained years of education, followed by years of training, one expects that they are in good hands with a medical expert. Unfortunately, medical professionals are also humans and subject to human errors. While medical errors can occur, medical mistakes also occur because doctors and other medical professionals have not met the standard of care he or she is required to meet in his or her profession.

Medical errors and adequacy of nursing education

There is the presumption that a New Jersian's education, training and professional experience makes them more reliable in a certain profession. Take the medical profession for example. These professionals obtain years of education and training, preparing them for anything their medical career could throw at them. Unfortunately, education and training does not cover all bases, and some medical professionals are unprepared. This could lead to medical errors, harming a patient.

Helping protect your health and rights after medical malpractice

For the most part, individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere do not look forward to seeing the doctor. Whether it is a routine checkup, because one has fallen ill or were seriously injured, going to a clinic or hospital means trusting in those medical professionals. While these individuals have years of training and experience, ensuring patients are properly cared for, inadequate care could occur when steps are missed or details are overlooked. Medical malpractice could come in the form of a minor medical mistake or a major medical error. No matter the case, it is vital to understand what happened and how best to address the matter.

Why do some wrong-site surgeries occur?

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is a scary event. It is even scarier when a patient is told that they need surgery to better their fight against the illness. While medical professionals have the skills and training needed to complete these procedures, the unfortunate reality is that errors can happen in the operating room. Medical mistakes, even though they might be minor, could be the cause of a serious and even life-threatening situation. Thus, patients should always be aware of the actions taken during their medical care and what steps they could take if errors occur.

Diagnostic errors top list for patient safety concerns

It happens every year. Individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere fall ill, go to their doctor, are diagnosed and given a treatment plan. It seems rather simple and straightforward, and if we were talking about minor illnesses like a sinus infection or the flu, this would be correct. However, ailments can get complex. Even if it is not a rare condition, it could be missed or wrongfully diagnosed. This could cause a patient much hardship, as they are not getting the medical treatment they require to treat the illness or condition from which they are suffering.

How common are diagnostic errors?

When patients in New Jersey and elsewhere are not feeling well, their first thought is usually to see the doctor. Medical professionals are equipped with the education, experience, skills and tools necessary to determine what is wrong and what the best course of treatment is. This is true when medical professionals follow the proper steps and take the time to ensure accuracy and proficiency in their profession.

Protecting your rights following a medical mistake

In hindsight, we often think of how things could be different or events avoided. When it comes to medical malpractice, patients consider how the harms caused to them could have been avoided. Because patients entrust a medical professional to care for them, patients do not often think about things going wrong. However, when a medical professional fails to uphold their duty of care, this puts a patient at risk during a surgery, diagnosis or treatment plan.

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