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What are the elements of a wrongful death claim?

The loss of a loved one can be a very unexpected event. Lives could be taken due to a negligent party, leaving surviving family members emotional and overwhelmed. Although it can be tough to cope with these situations, there are steps surviving family members can take to overcome some of the losses experienced by these unfortunate events.

Ladder on Parkway cause of fatal New Jersey pile-up

The roadways in New Jersey and elsewhere are filled with various types of vehicles. And for many motorists, they deal with daily traffic. While this is often due to rush hour traffic in the morning and evening when individuals are commuting to work, traffic could be the result of a serious and even fatal crash.

The causes of a fatal ferry accident

For individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere, riding a ferry may be a typical part of the daily routine. These large boat help transport large amounts of passengers from one location to the next via water. While it is a convenient form of transportation, it is also public transportation that holds many risks. If something goes wrong and someone is negligent, this could result in a serious and even fatal ferry accident.

How do you prove loss of consortium in a wrongful death action?

The loss of a loved one is a challenging time. It can be an especially pressing time when a life is suddenly taken away in an accident caused by a negligent party. Thus, it is important for surviving New Jersey family members to understand their situation and whether it is possible to take legal recourses. In some cases, a wrongful death lawsuit may be possible, allowing one to recover compensation for certain losses.

Guiding you through a wrongful death action

New Jersey accidents are just that, accidents. They are unexpected, and while a negligent party may be to blame, these incidents are shocking and likely tragic. Much like no one expects to be involved in a crash, no one expects to lose a loved one in a fatal accident. Thus, it is important for surviving family members to fully explore their situation, understanding their rights and options.

Rate of fatal motorcycle crashes

When compared to other vehicles, motorcycles are less stable. This means that New Jersey riders are not able to maintain control of the vehicle in cases where they need to make an abrupt stop, sharp turn or evade an obstacle. Because of this, serious and even fatal motorcycle crashes can occur not only because a rider cannot control his or her bike, but also because another motorist was negligent and collided with the motorcyclist.

One killed in dump truck crash in New Jersey

Roadways can be a dangerous place. Motor vehicles of various sizes are traveling at high rates of speed. Mix in some drivers that are not attentive because they are on their phone, are speeding, fatigued or even under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This can make roadways extremely dangerous and difficult to evade an accident if a negligent driver were to come into the path of another vehicle.

Wrongful death action for death of child or elderly loved one

The loss of a New Jersey loved one is a difficult event. Young or old, one is never prepared to accept that a family member has left us. When a fatal accident occurs, this can be extremely shocking. The negligence of another party has put one at a major loss not only by losing a loved one, but also suffering the financial damages associated with this loss.

Driver faces manslaughter charges following fatal crash

Automobile accidents are not unheard of. In fact, most motorists in New Jersey and elsewhere drive by an accident site on a weekly or monthly basis. While many of these collisions are minor, only leaving minimal damage to vehicles, others can be severe, seriously injuring or killing occupants. The sudden loss of a loved one because of a negligent driver is a difficult event to cope with. It is also hard to deal with the aftermath of a fatal crash. The matter can be costly, making it even harder to cope with the loss one just suffered.

Pain and suffering damages in a wrongful death lawsuit

When we drive by an accident site, we are likely to see the physical damage to the vehicles involved. If occupants are being transported into an ambulance, we can assume injuries were suffered. While a mere glimpse of a car accident can convey that injuries and damages are involved, this does not begin to explain what an accident victim has gone through. While a civil action can directly address the injuries and damages caused, this does not touch on the actual pain and suffering involved in the incident, especially if a life is lost.

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