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Why Certain Vehicles are Not Legal on the Road

Legal Vehicles vs Illegal Vehicles

A vehicle is defined as a "thing for transportation of people or goods, especially on land." This definition, while useful, is very broad, and it opens itself up to many interpretations by the general public. A car is obviously a vehicle, but is a bicycle a vehicle? What about a riding lawnmower? Or a hoverboard? Can all of these vehicles go on the road, since they all do fall under this definition of vehicle? Roads, after all, are for vehicles and for travel. Don't all vehicles qualify to travel on the road?

How an Improperly Fitted Seat Belt Can Injure You

Why Seat Belts are Important

Seat belts are an important part of driving our cars today. They assist us in our goal to get from one place to another safely, and they work to limit the injuries that can happen should an accident occur. Seat belts became available to consumers starting in 1955, with laws coming out in 1968 requiring people within vehicles to wear them. Since these laws were put in place, there has been a sharp decline in vehicular deaths that were due to injuries sustained in the accident, which is an extremely positive outcome for an invention made to help and protect people.

Seaside Heights, N.J. - One Injured in School Bus Accident on Grant Avenue

Seaside Heights, N.J. (February 19, 2019) - One student was injured following a bus accident that happened at the intersection of Grant Avenue and the Boulevard. The New Jersey school bus accident happened Tuesday morning around 8 a.m., according to authorities.

When a Bruise is Dangerous

How You Get Bruises in Car Accidents

Being bruised after an accident is not uncommon and is almost expected, especially after a high speed or violent accident. Bruises are a fairly simple injury: blood vessels under your skin are damaged and causes bleeding, which pools at the top of your skin since your skin is not broken. This blood then clots and causes your skin to change colors, which eventually does disappear with time as it heals. For the most part, these injuries are harmless, but on occasion, these injuries can be serious and will need to be attended to.

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