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New Jersey insurance laws limit lawsuits

Many New Jersey drivers who sign insurance policies agree to other stipulations in the process. Insurance policies often restrict the lawsuits that policyholders can initiate, for instance, and these lawsuit limits may appeal to drivers because they often come with lower premiums.Lawsuit limitations generally forbid drivers from suing for accident damages unless their collisions fall into a certain category. These include car accidents that cause death, major scarring, significant disfigurement, miscarriage, displaced bone fractures and dismemberment. They also apply to accidents that lead to permanent injuries requiring further treatment to heal and have been verified by medical diagnostics. Lawsuit limitation clauses are completely legal; they were codified by the New Jersey State Legislature in an attempt to reduce the amount of lawsuits over injuries that weren't serious or permanent.

Family of New Jersey accident victim could sue actress at fault

The husband and son of a New Jersey woman who was killed in a 2010 car accident could decide to file a civil lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash. That driver happens to be an actress best known for her role on the TV series "Melrose Place." Amy Locane-Bovenizer, a Trenton native, was convicted of vehicular homicide last November and sentenced this week to three years in prison.

Witness assists in New Jersey crash caused by traffic violation

For many people injured in car accidents, a witness can be a lifesaver. He or she may be able to help car accident victims and call emergency personnel when those involved are too badly injured to help themselves. But sometimes even a simple account of what happened can provide much-needed clarity after an accident, especially when only one driver -- or neither driver -- is aware of how the crash occurred.

New Jersey car accident that injured 15 blamed on improper turn

Some might say that car accidents are like snowflakes; no two are exactly alike. Weather, road conditions, driver attentiveness and the number of vehicles and people involved can all affect how a crash happens and the extent of the injuries. But no matter what the details are, almost all car accidents create stress and confusion for everyone involved. And if the accident resulted in injuries or damage to vehicles, those affected will want to know immediately who will cover the cost of medical and auto repair bills.

Crash between 2 buses causes serious injuries in New Jersey

Whether you're a student or a commuter, if you take mass transportation to school or work every day, you do so with the assumption that you'll reach your destination safely and without incident. You can only hope that your bus driver or train operator has been properly trained and has experience transporting large amounts of passengers, no matter what traffic and road conditions are like.

3 family members killed in New Jersey Turnpike crash

When a car accident takes a person's life, the victim's family suffers considerable grief. But imagine the effect of losing three family members in the same accident, especially in a city far away from home. That's what happened to one young woman who was traveling home from New Jersey with her mother, father and brother late last month.

New Jersey man sentenced for causing fatal accident

When we hear about accidents that involve driving under the influence, most of us tend to assume that a driver had consumed alcohol or illegal drugs before getting behind the wheel. But New Jersey and other states' laws against impaired driving also apply to prescription and even some over-the-counter drugs. When not taken properly, these pharmaceuticals can lead to just as much trouble as the aforementioned substances.

New Jersey police try to educate drivers on state pedestrian law

Imagine you're driving down a New Jersey street and you see a pedestrian step off the curb at the intersection in front of you. If there isn't a stop sign or traffic light to guide you, what's your next move? Do you drive through the intersection, slow down to give the walker enough time to cross, or stop completely at the crosswalk? What if the crosswalk isn't marked?

License plate decals for New Jersey teens lowering accident rate

In the last few years, New Jersey has enforced a state law mandating that 17-year-old drivers place a red decal on the license plates of their vehicles. This makes it easy for police officers to identify motorists with graduated driver's licenses and subject their driving to extra scrutiny. Evidently, this has proven beneficial, since a new study indicates that it has lowered the risk of car accidents for these drivers.

Newark man accused of striking 3 pedestrians, leaving scene

As New Jersey motorists struggle to find gas to fill their tanks after Superstorm Sandy, some have opted for alternative forms of transportation. Many have had no choice but to walk instead of drive, which may be good exercise, but is not without its own risks.

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