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How to Tell if You're Going the Wrong Way Down the Road

Wrong-Way Driving Occurrences

It's not uncommon to come to an intersection and find signs that show you that a certain road is "one way," meaning that you have to abide by that direction if you wish to drive down that particular road. Many roadways have very specific directions that traffic must follow, which means that the person who chooses not to follow this command will more than likely cause a serious accident to occur and cause serious injury to others involved. Unfortunately, these accidents occur more often than others may think, which is a scary thought for anyone who drives or uses the roadways in general.

U-Turns and When Not to Make Them

How U-Turns Can Turn Dangerous

U-turns are one of the best maneuvers a driver can make to save time. This little turn allows us to turn around instantly, and for many drivers, this turn is a habit in their daily lives. This maneuver is a wonderful time and distance saver, but what it brings us in convenience it also brings in potential danger. U-turns, while they are legal, have many rules about them and how they can be performed. It's important to follow these rules to prevent an accident from happening, but for some, these rules are not known, so it's hard to know just when an accident can be done.

What it Means to be "At Fault" in an Accident

What "At Fault" Means

Accidents happen every day. Some of those accidents are simple, some are complicated, and others are simply overwhelming. No matter the accident, though, there will always be a party that is at fault and will be responsible for what happens to those who are innocent after the accident. To be "at fault" is exactly as the name says: the party who is at fault of an accident is the one who caused the accident and is responsible for the injuries and other issues the others in the accident suffers. Sometimes, the at fault party is one person. Sometimes, the at fault person is more than one person. The events leading up to the accident and the accident itself will help determine who is at fault, and that person will then suffer the appropriate consequences.

What Dash Cams Will Record

Who Recommends Dash Cams?

Dash cams are an ever-growing trend with motorists. People want these little cameras in their cars for multiple reasons, with the biggest one being that it can help someone prove their innocence after an accident. Multiple police agencies, insurance companies, and motor groups recommend you get a dash cam since they are fairly inexpensive and because they provide protection, you might need one day to help you out of a situation that can cost you a lot of money and time. Dash cams, though a small purchase, will more than likely prove to be a useful purchase, and it's one that many people recommend.

The Cost of a Car Accident

Annual Costs of Car Accidents

Car accidents are a headache that no one likes to deal with. These accidents usually are time consuming, frustrating, and costly, which can make the victims of car accidents even more upset that they were involved in an accident to begin with. In 2010, the cost of motor vehicle accidents was nearly $1 trillion in loss of productivity and loss of life. This number is no small amount, and it shows just how serious these accidents can be when it comes to your personal health and safety.

How Rollover Accidents Occur

What is a Rollover Accident?

We've all seen them: an accident in which one car is heavily damaged and the other vehicle is rolled on its top or side. These accidents occur every day and are very serious as vehicle rollovers can mean injury or death. Rollover accidents are seen in many different kinds of vehicles, but they are mainly seen in vehicles that are tall and have a higher center of gravity, such as SUV's. As vehicles continue to be designed, manufacturers are looking at their vehicles and where the center of gravity is located to try to help their vehicles not roll in an accident. Tesla, for example, has designed the Model S vehicle to have a low center of gravity, giving it a low rollover percentage compared to similar sized vehicles. It can be expected that other car manufacturers will follow suit.

Safety Glass in Vehicles

What is Safety Glass?

We have all had the misfortune of braking a glass. The danger of breaking a drinking glass or some other glass object always involves the sharp edges and points that form after the glass has broken. When cleaning up this type of glass, it's important to be careful so that you don't cut yourself on the sharp edges. Coming across broken glass from a car window, however, is very different from the broken drinking glass we all know. This glass is small and in chunks rather than in long or sharp shards, which is often odd to see when we compare it to what we know. Why is this glass different from the glass we all know so well?

Tips for Driving in the Snow

Winter Weather Road Conditions

The winter season began for 2018 days just before Christmas, meaning that we have been in official winter weather for over a week now. For many people who grew up in these conditions, these changes in the weather are no problem, and are in fact something that many people don't worry much about as they drive to and from their destinations. Still, many others who are not used to these conditions or are perhaps unconfident in their driving prowess may fear this season for its weather changes, and may choose to turn to other traveling options rather than driving.

Different Types of Dash Cams

What Are Dash Cams for?

The roads we drive on today are more complicated than what they used to be. With the increase of distracted driving, drunk driving, and insurance fraud cases, drivers need all the help they can get when trying to prove their innocence in cases where they are the victim. While statements from witnesses can be helpful, they can sometimes not be enough to prove to your insurance company that you are the victim, or prove that the accident was not 50/50. When statements and witnesses are not enough, video evidence can be the proof you need to show your innocence and avoid paying someone who does not deserve compensation.

Vehicular Insurance Fraud Examples

What is Vehicular Insurance Fraud?

Driving our cars requires a fair amount of work. We have to keep our attention on the road, on the signs, to the passengers in our cars, and to other drivers on the road. Being an alert driver is something that is expected of us as we drive and can help to prevent accidents on the road when we follow through with the expectations set on us. Even with all of these precautions and responsibilities, though, not every accident can be avoided, especially when a driver is looking to get in an accident in the first place.

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