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Negligence and pedestrian accidents

Whether an individual has chosen to be a pedestrian to get from one place to another, or is simply a pedestrian because the person is walking to or from their vehicle in a parking lot, the reality is that most pedestrians are walking where motor vehicle traffic is present. The safety of a pedestrian is dependent on the actions of these motorists.

Elderly pedestrian struck and killed in New Jersey

Although the warm weather may spark more people to enjoy the outdoors, many individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere are walking outdoors because it is their main way to get around. Traveling by foot can be convenient, cost-effective and good for the environment. Nonetheless, walking comes with some dangers. If a motorist is not attentive around pedestrians, this could result in a serious and even fatal collision.

Recovering compensation following a pedestrian accident

For most New Jersey residents, it is common to encounter pedestrians while traveling in a motor vehicle and to encounter motorists when one is a pedestrian. Pedestrians and motor vehicles co-exist in New Jersey and elsewhere. However, a number of collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians occur each year because of negligence and the failure of motorists to uphold the duty to be safe. Unfortunately, when a pedestrian accident occurs, the pedestrian is likely to suffer severe or fatal injuries.

Proving fault in a pedestrian accident

Based on current statistics, roughly 5,000 pedestrians die in crashes involving other motor vehicles each year. In addition to that, another 76,000 suffer injuries in these collisions. The location of these accidents can vary. A pedestrian could be in the crosswalk, crossing the highway, walking on a sidewalk or in a parking lot or structure when an inattentive or negligent driver encounters them.

How the Elderly are More Prone to Pedestrian Accidents

The Numbers on Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are a part of everyday life for those who drive and commute around town. We see pedestrians waiting to cross streets at street corners, we see them walking along the sidewalks to get to a store or other place of business, and we see them taking a break by a bench or by a food cart while getting a bite to eat. Pedestrians roam every city in America, which is something that all motorists need to be aware of to make sure everyone using the roadways are being safe.

The Injuries Involved in Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

In large cities like New York, pedestrian travel is often the preferred way to travel. Traffic is usually too clustered, and navigating cities that have a simple layout like New York sometimes makes walking or biking easier than to try to take a vehicle. The problem with walking in cities like New York, however, is the number of accidents involving pedestrians. In the past year, the number of pedestrians that were killed in traffic accidents in New York, New Jersey, and across the US jumped 11% compared to the previous year. This jump in deaths concerns many people because the number of those who are deciding to walk and bike to their destinations is climbing for reasons ranging from trying to be more physically fit to those who wish to be more environmentally conscious, a trend which is increasing as time goes on as well. With the increase in pedestrian accidents, many are wondering if switching to be a pedestrian is worth the risk, or if they should find their exercise another way.

Pedestrian safety and crash rates

As some residents in New Jersey can attest, traveling by foot can be much more convenient than traveling by motor vehicle. Although automobiles serve a purpose, they also pose many risks. This is especially true for pedestrians. Because they travel in areas where motor vehicles are also traveling, this creates a risk for collision. And, in areas where there are not sidewalks or marked crosswalks, this can reduce the safety for pedestrians.

Helping you recover compensation following a pedestrian accident

For residents in New Jersey, walking by foot is not uncommon. Whether an individual is out for a stroll, walking on the city streets, is commuting to work or walking to or from their vehicle, being a pedestrian comes with risks. While there are many benefits to walking to destinations, when a person is traveling by foot around motor vehicles, he or she opens up him or herself to much vulnerability. Even when traveling at slow speeds, a motor vehicle can do much damage to a person. Because he or she does not enjoy the same safety features as a vehicle, a pedestrian is likely to be thrown due to the force of the collision. This can cause serious and even fatal injuries to the victim.

What duties do motorists have to pedestrians?

It is clear what will win each time in a collision between a person and motor vehicle. Even when moving slowly, the size and weight of a vehicle has the ability to knock a person down, causing injuries. A pedestrian accident is a serious and often fatal collision, making it one of the worst types of accidents on the roadways in New Jersey and elsewhere. In addition, this makes pedestrians vulnerable, whether they are traveling on a sidewalk, parking lot, residential area or crosswalk.

Highlighting the importance of pedestrian safety

While many residents in New Jersey and elsewhere own their own vehicles, this is not the only mode of transportation individuals will use. Although public transportation can be very effective and efficient, some prefer to get around by foot. Walking to and from destinations is a great form of exercise; however, it is also an activity that comes with risks. Pedestrians tend to travel near traffic, and if a motorist is not attentive, this could result in a serious collision.

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