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Man killed after his disabled vehicle is struck on interstate

Car accidents are unfortunate events that can be very unpredictable. Whether a dangerous condition leads to a car accident, a negligent driver collides with another vehicle or there is a chain reaction of multiple accidents, a car crash could involve several vehicles, severe damages, serious injuries and fatalities. Because car accident could transpire into a very complex event, it is important that the cause and liability associated with the crash is understood.

A motorcycle-automobile crash can cause a serious injury

Fall is upon us, and many motorcyclists in New Jersey are looking forward to taking their motorcycles out for a scenic cruise. Even as we transition to the cooler months, motorists should always be on the lookout for motorcycles. These small vehicles can easily be overlooked and missed, resulting in a severe collision involving serious injuries.

Motorcyclist ejected and seriously injured in New Jersey crash

Although summer is coming to a close, many individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere are still enjoying the warm weather by still taking their motorcycles out for short and long distance rides. Motorcycles are enjoyable and efficient to ride; however, they tend to pose a variety of risks to those that travel on them. Due to their small size, other motorists frequently fail to notice them traveling nearby or traveling in oncoming traffic in an intersection. The failure to be attentive and uphold their duty to drive safely could result in a negligent driver causing a motorcycle crash.

Tip line designed to reduce frequency of texting and driving

With the inherent risk involved with texting and driving and other distracted behaviors behind the wheel in New Jersey, law enforcement and the state government are seeking ways to reduce the frequency of the practice. One new method that is being implemented is for tip lines to be used by motorists or other witnesses who see a driver texting or operating the vehicle while distracted. Since beginning this program, more than 600 people were sent warning letters.

ADHD sufferers without medication at higher risk of car accidents

Those who are in a car collision in New Jersey will automatically want to know whether the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs and if there were any other behaviors that were taking place that could contribute to liability. One study that was recently released examined an unusual link between people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and car crashes. Statistically, the number of accidents for those who have ADHD is higher if they do not take medication to treat the condition.

Car collision with 3 motorcycles injures 3 in New Jersey

Cars and motorcycles are expected to share the New Jersey roadways, adhere to the law and make certain that everyone remains safe. This is especially relevant given the vulnerability that motorcyclists face because of their lack of protection by not being inside a vehicle. Even if they are wearing helmets and other protective clothing, there can still be serious injury and death if there is a crash with a car. Those who are injured in motorcycle-car accidents must understand what they are facing and take steps to receive compensation for what they have lost.

Study shows rise in car accidents due to drugged drivers

When there is a car collision in New Jersey, there can be injuries and fatalities. Research is often conducted to determine how and why these crashes take place. This can be beneficial to law enforcement, government entities and for those who were affected by an accident and need to take the next step.

Study shows the continued prevalence of being a distracted driver

A greater focus is being placed on the dangers of being a distracted driver in New Jersey and across the U.S. While there has been a wealth of information and studies regarding the practice and why it is so dangerous, many people are unable to resist the temptation to check their smartphone even when they should be paying attention to the road and know how risky it is. Recent studies have indicated how prevalent the behavior is. A Zendrive study found that drivers used their phones an estimated 3.5 minutes for every hour. This is particularly troublesome because being distracted for two seconds raises the risk of an auto accident by 20 times.

Being a distracted driver goes beyond not watching the road

Distracted driving happens in a variety of ways, and there are many issues that arise from it. The number of people who are injured and killed in an auto accident is increasing nationwide because of it, and those in New Jersey and throughout the U.S. must be cognizant of the danger that accompanies the behavior. When there is a car accident and it is believed to have been due to a distracted driver, evidence accrued proving that as an issue can be utilized in a legal filing for compensation.

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