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What Can Cause Road Rage in Drivers?

What is Road Rage?

We have all had moments on the road that make us upset, which in turn makes our driving less safe than it could be. These moments vary in what they are and what emotions they cause within us, but ultimately, whenever something causes us to feel a negative emotion as we drive, it can cause us to end up driving in a way that isn't safe or invites accidents and injuries to occur to us. When we drive this way due to emotions, many people will say we have "road rage," which is something that occurs in most drivers at least once in the many years that they drive.

Road rage is basically a phenomenon where a driver becomes upset and subsequently drives in a way that is dangerous to themselves and others on the road. These actions can include tailgating, flashing the vehicle ahead of you with your high beams, brake checking a car behind you, or even trying to run a vehicle off the road, all of which can cause an accident to occur. Road rage has been linked to higher rates of accidents, which means more injuries as well. It's important that as drivers we do not let our emotions overtake us, that way we can prevent accidents from occurring, which will mean people will be safer on the road.

After being hurt due to someone else's road rage, be sure to call a personal injury lawyer to oversee your accident case and help you in court where you will need it most.

What Are Some Causes of Road Rage?

Road rage can be caused by many things, with each driver feeling their own unique emotions based on unique circumstances. Basically, there is no specific cause to road rage, but there are certain circumstances that frustrate most drivers and can cause them to drive more dangerously. Some of these circumstances includes:

Thumbnail image for traffic jam.jpgBeing cut off: When a driver is cut off, they can become upset, usually for understandable reasons. Being cut off can be scary and frustrating, but it's important to remember that not all drivers intend to cut off others. Although it is scary and frustrating, it's important to remember that, in most cases, you are not injured or have damaged property, and despite your feelings of anger, it does no one any good to begin driving in a manner that will result in injuries for yourself or others.

Someone driving too fast or too slow: Having someone on the road driving too fast or too slow can be very frustrating, and it can cause others to drive in a way that puts everyone else at risk. For drivers who are too slow, other drivers may want to pass them as soon as possible. For drivers going too fast, others may wish to "brake check" them, which can cause an accident to happen. Again, it's important to remember to keep your head about you as you drive, and to remember that, even though you may be frustrated, it's better to be safe.

When others drive aggressively: Aggressive drivers make others very upset on the road. No one likes feeling bullied in any situation, and so when someone is being pushed around on the road, they may decide to push back. This is not wise, as it can cause emotions to flare and accidents to happen. When someone is driving aggressively and you don't like it, get away from the situation as soon as possible, that way you don't get too upset by this other person, and call the proper authorities if it is necessary.

East Coast Lawyers for Vehicle Accident Victims

When you are hurt due to another's road rage, call the lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law. Our team knows all about road rage injuries, and so they are the best people to get you the help you need following your accident. Allow us to take on your case today by calling us at (800) 469-6476.

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