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What are the common causes of pedestrian accidents?

Whether it is the summer or not, traveling by foot is fairly common is cities in New Jersey and elsewhere. It is not only cost and energy efficient, but walking is also beneficial for one's health. Despite the advantages and benefits walking can have, the reality is that pedestrians are faced with many risks and dangers. Because pedestrians often walk where vehicles travel, a collision between the two is possible. And when a motorist is not attentive, this could result in a serious and even fatal pedestrian crash.

What are the common causes of pedestrian accidents? For the most part, there are three reasons why a pedestrian accident may occur. The first is when a motorist owed a legal duty to a pedestrian and breached that duty, thus causing a collision. The next is when the owner of a sidewalk, road or parking lot failed to maintain it, resulting in a pedestrian tripping, slipping or falling. The final cause could be related to the conduct of the pedestrian. He or she could be texting while walking, crossing when it is not safe to do so or jaywalking. This could contribute or be the cause of the accident.

While a pedestrian could be at fault or partially at fault in a pedestrian accident, a negligent driver could also be accountable. When a negligent driver is to blame, a victim must still prove that the motorist was at fault. This is a four-step process. First, it must be proven that the driver owed a legal duty to the pedestrian. Next, it must be proven that this duty was breached by an action or inaction. Third, this breach caused an accident involving the pedestrian. Finally, the pedestrian was harmed as a result.

The aftermath of a pedestrian crash can be severe and gruesome. Some of the worst accident injuries befall victims of a pedestrian crash because there is nothing to protect a person from the force of a vehicle. Thus, it is important for victims and their loved ones to explore what steps they can take to overcome the physical, mental, emotional and financial harm caused by the crash.

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