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Why Intersections Can be Dangerous

What Are Intersections for?

Our roads are a beautiful puzzle designed by civil engineers to help us navigate our world in the most direct and simple way possible. These roads are built and designed in such a way to make travel as simple and quick as possible, which can be difficult to do, depending on the landscape and area that the road is being built. Our way of life would not be possible without our roads, and they are something we should be thankful for every day.

Still, roads are dangerous, and they need to be respected as such. Roadways have many dangers associated with them, but of all the roads and all parts that make up our roads, intersections are the most concerning part. Intersections exist so that we may cross onto new roads and get to new areas, which is necessary for our travels. Still, intersections present certain dangers that can cause accidents more often, which leads to excessive damages and serious injuries as well. At intersections, it's important to ensure that we are being watchful and careful, working hard to ensure that everyone waiting to get to where they are going will get there safely.

When you are injured in an accident at an intersection, talk with a personal injury lawyer to see what can be done about your accident and to see how you can better your situation financially.

How Intersections are Dangerous

Thumbnail image for intersection 2.jpgIntersections can be very dangerous compared to other parts of the road. The dangers these roads present cause accidents and injuries to occur, which can be serious for anyone involved. Intersections can be dangerous for so many reasons, some of which include:

Many people in one area: When an area is highly congested, accidents are more common. With more people comes more chances of distraction, anger on the road, and bad decisions, all of which can cause an accident to occur. Less populated areas will have a lower chance of an accident occurring, statistically speaking, so it's best to keep an eye out at intersections for unsafe driving to keep yourself safe.

Limited lines of sight: At intersections, sightlines are limited. With the amount of people at the intersection and the various signs and traffic lights that are situated in the area, an accident can happen easily. When drivers cannot see the around them easily, they are more likely to cause or end up in an accident, which can mean injuries and damages can occur.

Distracted drivers: Drivers are constantly distracted on the road. At intersections, drivers will do things like check their phones, look in their mirrors, or play with their radio, all of which takes their attention off of the road. When this occurs, drivers can end up causing an accident because they are not aware of the road around them. They do not know if their light is green, or if someone is in the intersection ahead of them, or if a pedestrian is crossing the street. Distractions at intersections will cause accidents to occur, and will allow for injuries to occur as well.

New York and New Jersey Vehicle Accident Lawyers

After you are injured in an accident in an intersection, call for help from a personal injury lawyer. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law, our team is ready to help you fight for your rights following your vehicle collision. Our team will assist you with your case and fight hard to get you the compensation you need and deserve. Call our office today to see how we can help you at (800) 469-6476.

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