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Why Certain Vehicles are Not Legal on the Road

Legal Vehicles vs Illegal Vehicles

A vehicle is defined as a "thing for transportation of people or goods, especially on land." This definition, while useful, is very broad, and it opens itself up to many interpretations by the general public. A car is obviously a vehicle, but is a bicycle a vehicle? What about a riding lawnmower? Or a hoverboard? Can all of these vehicles go on the road, since they all do fall under this definition of vehicle? Roads, after all, are for vehicles and for travel. Don't all vehicles qualify to travel on the road?

The answer for that thought is no, not all "vehicles" belong on the road. Roads do exist for travel, yes, and vehicles do help us to travel, but our roads were built with the thought that large and heavy vehicles would be operating on them, which means that it is not always safe to travel these roads outside a car or other large vehicle. While some people might be confused by this issue, it makes sense for the protection of everyone on the road, and it helps to ensure that traffic is not snarled due to an accident or due to a vehicle that does not belong on the road at all.

Being injured in an accident due to an illegal vehicle on the road is upsetting and frustrating. When this occurs, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your needs with them and see what your next step can be.

Why Can a Vehicle be Illegal on a Road?

Our roads are made with certain vehicles in mind, which can mean that vehicles that do not fit this expectation can cause issues for everyone else who is attempting to use the road. Some of these issues include:

hoverboard.jpgMoving too slow: When a "vehicle" on the road is moving too slowly, it causes issues for other drivers. Vehicles such as hoverboards, riding lawn mowers, and low-powered vehicles like homemade scooters cannot function on a road because, in most cases, they are going significantly slower than the posted speed. When vehicles travel under the posted speed, accidents can occur, which is an outcome no one wants. To drive under the speed limit is illegal in many parts of the United States, so it's best to not drive vehicles that cannot operate at the appropriate speeds of the road.

Being a distraction: When there is something on the road that is unusual, it usually causes a distraction on the road for others. When drivers are faced with distractions, accidents are more likely to occur, which means damages and injuries are more prevalent. For drivers, seeing vehicles on the road that are not meant for the road can be a huge distraction, so it's better for these vehicles to stay away from the road as much as possible.

Increasing the chances of an accident: Along with being a distraction and being too slow for the road, these atypical vehicles increase the chances of an accident simply because they should not be on the road. When objects are in places they should not be, it usually means that an accident is more likely to happen, which can mean people will be hurt. It's a bit like Murphy's Law, if you will. Vehicles out of the norm will more likely attract more negative outcomes since the attention they receive is increased, bringing with them accidents and injuries. If your mode of transportation sits outside the norm of what vehicles the road holds, consider not operating that transportation on the road. Many drivers and passengers will thank you for keeping the chances of an accident occurring lower.

New York and New Jersey Accident Lawyers

When a driver ends up in an accident because someone is on the road using a vehicle that should not be on the road, that driver should call a personal injury lawyer immediately. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law, we can help you following your accident by evaluating your case and determining the best course of action to help you get the compensation you need to help you heal. Call our office today to see how we can help you at (800) 469-6476.

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