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What Makes a Dog Bite Dangerous?

Dog Bites in America

Dogs are one of the most common and beloved pets Americans own. Our dogs have shows dedicated to them, websites built around them, and even movies made in their honor. It's safe to say that dogs are loved by many people in this country, but what happens when our beloved pets decide to bite others who come by?

Dog bites are a common reason people seek medical help, and depending on the severity, medical help will be needed. The severity of a dog bite can vary based on a number of reasons, and, depending on these reasons, you could be left with either a bandage over a small wound or needing surgery for a serious injury. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to know which dog may bite, but by knowing some factors about what makes certain dog bites more dangerous than others, we can try our best to prevent a serious bite from occurring.

If you were bit by a dog and need help covering the bills, call a personal injury lawyer today to see what might be owed to you.

The Dangerous Aspects of Dog Bites

There are several factors that can change a dog bite from harmless to serious, some of which we may not even think about when we are bit. Some of these factors include:

Thumbnail image for dog bite.jpgSize of the dog: This factor is perhaps more obvious than others, but it still is one of the most important factors that will change how a dog bite is viewed and treated. When a dog is smaller, it will not bite as hard, have as large teeth, and will not be able to hang on quite like a large dog will do. Bites from small dogs are still serious, but the damage done by them will often not be as intense as that of a big dog.

If the dog is an outdoor or an indoor dog: Outdoor dogs and indoor dogs will have different diseases to worry about. Indoor dogs are often not exposed to certain diseases that outdoor dogs are exposed to, which means that the bite of an indoor dog may carry with it less disease and issues than that of an outdoor dog. This is, of course, not the case for every situation, but it is something to consider following a dog bite attack.

The temperament of the dog: A dog's temperament will change how it bites. A shy, skittish dog will perhaps nip or bite hard enough to send the message to leave them alone. A dog that is aggressive, however, will often bite with the intention to injure the victim, which will mean more damage will be done in this bite, comparatively.

No matter the situation, always have a dog bite inspected, as you can become very sick or be seriously injured following a bite. Get as much information about the dog as you can as well, as that will help doctors know just how to treat you.

Personal Injury Lawyers for You

When you are bit by a dog, you may be lost on what to do next. Should you seek compensation? Should you talk with the owner first? What is the right action following this incident? After you are injured by a dog, you need to call the lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law. Our team of lawyers can help you following your incident, and we will help out you in the right direction to get the compensation you need. Call our office today at (800) 469-6476.

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