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What Defective Tires Look Like

What is a Defective Tire?

Tires are an essential part of our vehicle. Without them, our vehicles simply would not move anywhere and stay exactly where they are. Tires can range in their appearance and use, which allows consumers to have a variety of tires that can fit their needs. Tires for snow and ice have thick tread to help the tires move in the slippery and icy conditions. All weather ties give you a balance of tread and size so that you can drive safely in most conditions. Tires can also come in a variety of sizes to help give your car that perfect look you want. Indeed, tires can do a lot for us as drivers, but what happens when a tire is defective?

It's no secret that tires are expensive. A basic set of tires can set you back at least $500 if you're buying from a shop, which can make it all the more frustrating if you end up with a tire that is defective that causes you to be injured in an accident. Tire defects have been around since tires have been made and have caused a number of fatalities over the years. These defects can happen in any kind of tire as well, from "cheap" tires to name-brand tires, which means that you're not necessarily safe even if you buy expensive brands. Defective tires are dangerous, but if you can spot the early signs of a defective tire, you may be able to stop an accident before it happens.

When you are injured due to a defective tire, call a personal injury lawyer to see what legal grounds you have to pay for an accident that shouldn't have happened to begin with.

What Can a Defective Tire Look Like?

Thumbnail image for tire.jpgWhen you buy a defective tire, it won't look defective. There's a reason it's on the shelf, after all. Still, tire defects will typically show themselves very quickly, and if you can catch them before they cause an accident, you are saving yourself the injuries and damages that would occur otherwise. Some defects that occur in a tire include:

Bulges: Bulges on a tire mean that the tire will, more than likely, pop while you are driving on it. This happens because the inside wall of the tire is damaged, which can happen due to poor manufacturing. If you see a bulge on your tire, don't drive on it. Take it to a tire shop and have them inspect it to see if it is a defect, especially if the tire is new.

Tread separation: When the tread begins to separate on a new tire, it's obvious that this tire is defective. Tread should not separate on a tire at all, let alone a new tire. If you see separation of the tread on your tire, don't drive on it since the tire can pop, which will cause an accident.

Tire bead failure: The tire bead is the part of the tire that sits on the wheel. Unfortunately, this failure is not as obvious as other failures, but still, if this failure does occur, it can cause an accident, which will probably cause injuries to occur. Looking at your tires often can help to possibly notice this issue, which can help you to take them off before they cause an accident.

East Coast Injury Attorneys

Tire failures are scary, and when they happen to you, you can be left questioning what to do next. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Solomon of Metro Law, we can help you after your accident. Let us take your case to court and fight for your right to compensation after you are injured so that you can pay for your injuries and move on with your life. Call our office today to see what we can do for you at (800) 469-6476.

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