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Ithaca, N.Y. - Woman Taken to Hospital in Helicopter After Accident with Garbage Truck

Ithaca, N.Y. (January 31, 2019) - A woman was airlifted to the hospital after her vehicle collided with a garbage truck Thursday morning, according to authorities.

LeRoy, N.Y. - Several Injured After 19-Car Pileup on Thruway Near Batavia

LeRoy, N.Y. (January 31, 2019) - Several people were injured after being involved in a multi-vehicle accident on Wednesday. The multi-vehicle New York accident, happening on the eastbound I-90 lanes between exits 47 and 48, occurred around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon and involved roughly 19 vehicles. Cars, a box truck, and two tractor trailers were involved in this accident, according to police. At the time of the crash, a ban on tractor trailers traveling on the Thruway was in force.

What it Means to be "At Fault" in an Accident

What "At Fault" Means

Accidents happen every day. Some of those accidents are simple, some are complicated, and others are simply overwhelming. No matter the accident, though, there will always be a party that is at fault and will be responsible for what happens to those who are innocent after the accident. To be "at fault" is exactly as the name says: the party who is at fault of an accident is the one who caused the accident and is responsible for the injuries and other issues the others in the accident suffers. Sometimes, the at fault party is one person. Sometimes, the at fault person is more than one person. The events leading up to the accident and the accident itself will help determine who is at fault, and that person will then suffer the appropriate consequences.

Newark, N.J. - Driver Causes Bus Accident on Bergen Street, Flees Scene After

Newark, N.J. (January 30, 2019) - After causing a traffic accident, the guilty driver fled the scene, leaving behind a crashed bus and damaged light pole with multiple injured people. The New Jersey vehicle accident occurred just before 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to authorities.

Dryden, N.Y. - Man Dies in Pedestrian Accident on Turkey Hill Road

Dryden, N.Y. (January 30, 2019) - A man from Dryden was hit and killed in a pedestrian accident Tuesday night, according to the New York State Police. The deadly New York pedestrian accident happened around 7:09 p.m. when a 54-year-old man, who was walking along the north side of Turkey Hill Road while pushing a bike, was hit by the vehicle of a 25-year-old woman from Ithaca traveling on the same road in the same direction.

Bus accident results in one dead, many injured

Some residents in New Jersey may rely on a bus to get them around. Whether it is for regular commuting, to take a trip or for a tour, riding a bus probably seems like a relatively safe activity. Nonetheless, these vehicles, much like any other vehicle on the road, are prone to accidents. However, when a bus gets in an accident, they put numerous lives at risk, as this large vehicle can transport a significant number of passengers.

When a Bruise is Dangerous

How You Get Bruises in Car Accidents

Being bruised after an accident is not uncommon and is almost expected, especially after a high speed or violent accident. Bruises are a fairly simple injury: blood vessels under your skin are damaged and causes bleeding, which pools at the top of your skin since your skin is not broken. This blood then clots and causes your skin to change colors, which eventually does disappear with time as it heals. For the most part, these injuries are harmless, but on occasion, these injuries can be serious and will need to be attended to.

Long Hill, N.Y. - School Bus Crashes into Power Pole on Meyersville Road and Downs Live Powerlines

Long Hill, N.Y. (January 29, 2019) - A school bus was left on the side of the road after it hit a power pole, bringing down live power lines onto the bus, endangering those on the bus and on the road. The New York vehicle accident occurred in Long Hill on Meyersville Road around 8:30 a.m. when the bus crashed into another vehicle on the road, causing the school bus to go off the road and hit a power pole.

How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

In the United States, there is a large population of citizens who are solely pedestrians, with an even larger group of citizens being pedestrians only part of the time. With such a high number of pedestrians within our cities and states, accidents involving these individuals are inevitable, with large cities seeing the worst numbers compared to small cities. In good news, between 2016 and 2017, there was a decrease in pedestrian accidents by over 4%, which is something we hope continues to decrease.

Deer Park, N.Y. - Motorcyclist Killed in Accident on Bay Shore Road in Suffolk County

Deer Park, N.Y. (January 29, 2019) - A second fatal motorcycle accident has occurred in Suffolk County on Sunday. The fatal New York motorcycle accident happened on Sunday when Brendan Coolbaugh, age 24, who was riding his 2000 Kawasaki motorcycle going northbound on Bay Shore Road collided with a 2011 Mazda CX 9, which was traveling southbound on the same road and turning left into a gas station around 5 p.m.

What Dash Cams Will Record

Who Recommends Dash Cams?

Dash cams are an ever-growing trend with motorists. People want these little cameras in their cars for multiple reasons, with the biggest one being that it can help someone prove their innocence after an accident. Multiple police agencies, insurance companies, and motor groups recommend you get a dash cam since they are fairly inexpensive and because they provide protection, you might need one day to help you out of a situation that can cost you a lot of money and time. Dash cams, though a small purchase, will more than likely prove to be a useful purchase, and it's one that many people recommend.

Gloucester, N.J. - Man Died After Being Hit by 2 Vehicles While Crossing Route 42

Gloucester, N.J. (January 28, 2019) - A man from Camden County has died after being hit by two vehicles while crossing the Route 42 highway. The New Jersey pedestrian accident occurred in Gloucester around 7 p.m. when Edward Foster, aged 64, who was walking across Route 42, was hit by a vehicle in the northbound lane coming off of Blackwood Clementon Road.

Queens, N.Y. - Three Injured After Accident Involving Armored Vehicle at 200th Street

Queens, N.Y. (January 28, 2019) - Three people have been left with injuries following an accident involving an armored truck and a car, according to the police. The New York vehicle accident occurred on Monday afternoon at the intersection on 115th Avenue and 200th Street.

Newark, N.J. - Two Teenagers Perish After Stolen Car Hits Home Near Madison Avenue

Newark, N.J. (January 25, 2019) - Two teenagers have died after the car they were driving crashed into a house early Friday. The deadly New Jersey vehicle accident occurred just before 5:30 a.m. in Newark near Bergen Street and Madison Avenue.

Toms River, N.J. - Two People Injured in Crash on Whitesville Road

Toms River, N.J. (January 25, 2019) - A woman has been critically injured and a man has been hurt in a three-car accident that shut down Whitesville Road for several hours Thursday evening. The New Jersey vehicle accident occurred around 4:50 p.m. on Whitesville Road near Cleveland Street.

The Cost of a Car Accident

Annual Costs of Car Accidents

Car accidents are a headache that no one likes to deal with. These accidents usually are time consuming, frustrating, and costly, which can make the victims of car accidents even more upset that they were involved in an accident to begin with. In 2010, the cost of motor vehicle accidents was nearly $1 trillion in loss of productivity and loss of life. This number is no small amount, and it shows just how serious these accidents can be when it comes to your personal health and safety.

Parsippany, N.J. - 1 Dead and 2 Seriously Injured in I-80 Bus Accident

Parsippany, N.J. (January 24, 2019) - One person is dead and two have been seriously injured in a New Jersey bus accident on the I-80 Thursday night. The accident happened around 7:45 p.m. on the I-80 in Parsippany near the Exit 43 and involved a bus and three separate vehicles.

Coram, N.Y. - Man Driving While on Drugs Causes 3-Car Crash on Middle Country Road

Coram, N.Y. (January 24, 2019) - A man high on drugs caused a 3-car accident in Coram on Wednesday night, according to the Suffolk Police. The New York vehicle accident occurred around 9 p.m. on Middle Country Road, East of Route 112, when 28-year-old Patrick Boyle of Manorville drove his 1998 Mercury Marquis into the eastbound oncoming lane.

Garden City, N.Y. - Pedestrian Killed and State Trooper Injured in Accident in Meadowbrook Parkway

Garden City, N.Y. (January 24, 2019) - A man was killed while a state trooper was injured in a series of accidents in Long Island on Thursday. The deadly New Jersey pedestrian accident occurred on the Meadowbrook State Parkway near the Zeckendorf Boulevard interchange in Garden City in Nassau County.

Cell Phones and Driving Dangers

Cell Phone and Cars Today

In today's world, not driving a car is a fairly odd thing to do. Driving is something that most Americans do to get around in today's world easily. Commuting to work, running errands, there's even a type of vacation that focuses on driving around, i.e., the road trip. To drive gives citizens freedoms and an open agenda of things they can do with their life, so as one can imagine, many people choose to drive as soon as they can.

Navigating a birth injury action

From the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant until she gives birth, there are many moments when she considers many "what ifs." Although it is likely that the pregnancy will be normal and have no issues or concerns, the fact of the matter is that health problems could arise, resulting in medical interventions for both the mother and the baby. In order to make sure a healthy delivery occurs, medical professionals are not only tasked with uncovering these problems, but also taking measures to ensure both mother and baby are safe. Failure to do so could cause one or both of them to suffer birth-related injuries.

Wyandanch, N.Y. - Skateboarder Suffers Injuries After Being Hit by Police Car on Straight Path

Wyandanch, N.Y. (January 23, 2019) - A skateboarder has suffered injuries after being hit by aa police vehicle Tuesday night. According to Suffolk Police, the New York pedestrian accident occurred about 5:10 p.m. when two officers were heading to a call. The officers were traveling southbound on Straight Path, near the South 24th Street intersection, when they hit the skateboarder, 28-year-old Michael Moccasin. Moccasin was riding his skateboard in the northbound center turn lane at the time of the accident.

Atlantic City, N.J. - Man who OD'd on Heroine Causes Accident on Arctic Avenue

Atlantic City, N.J. (January 23, 2019) - A man who is thought to have overdosed on heroine was revived and arrested after rear-ending a vehicle while he drove under the influence, according to authorities. The New Jersey vehicle accident happened on Wednesday before 10 p.m. when Daniel Corimer rear-ended the vehicle in front of him at a red light near the 1100 block of Arctic Avenue. Emergency personnel found Corimer unconscious behind the wheel when they arrived on scene.

Groveland, N.Y. - Man Killed After Being Struck by Truck at Dairy Knoll Farms

Groveland, N.Y. (January 23, 2019) - A worker has been killed after being hit by a pickup truck on a Livingston County farm on Wednesday morning, according to New York State Police. The New York pedestrian accident began when Kenneth Hall, age 63 from Wyoming County, was at work at Dairy Knoll Farms in Groveland when he was hit by a pickup truck, which was driven by Warren Zimmerman, age 54 from Yates County. The accident killed Hall, according to troopers.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Pedestrians are a constant and ever-growing presence on the streets in America. Pedestrians choose to walk and bike for a number of reasons, all of which allow them to get some exercise and enjoy the world around them. For drivers, pedestrians are a constant vigil they need to look out for, since in most every situation, pedestrians have the right of way. When a pedestrian is involved in a pedestrian accident, many things occur: injuries, a trip to the hospital, medical bills, missed work, and pain and suffering are all terrible consequences to those in pedestrian accidents, and they are consequences that are often hard to handle all at once.

Hazlet, N.J. - Man Killed After Being Struck on Route 36

Hazlet, N.J. (January 22, 2019) - A Neptune man was struck and killed Monday while walking along Route 36 in the town of Hazlet. The New Jersey pedestrian accident occurred before 2:30 a.m. when a vehicle traveling Westbound struck and killed the 54-year-old pedestrian who was walking East of Middle Road.

Tuscarora, N.Y. - One Killed in Snowmobile VS. Car Accident

Tuscarora, N.Y. (January 22, 2019) - A woman from Addison was killed on Monday after a vehicle hit the snowmobile she was riding in southeastern Steuben County. The New York vehicle accident occurred at 4:23 p.m. on state Route 417 in the town of Tuscarora, which is south of the town of Addison.

Esopus, N.Y. - 8 Sent to Hospital After 3-Vehicle Accident

Esopus, N.Y. (January 22, 2019) - Eight people have been sent to the hospital following a multi car accident in Esopus this morning. The accident happened before 8:30 a.m. when a New Paltz Rescue Medic Vehicle, driven by 35-year-old Nils E. Aspengren, was driving northbound on Rout 9W and making a left turn onto Ulster Avenue. The Rescue Vehicle failed to yield the right of way to a southbound vehicle on Route 9W, driven by 27-year-old Isabella R. Mollette.

What you should know about dog bites

Your neighborhood is pretty quiet, lined with kids and trees and families walking their dogs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that just under 5 million people got bit by dogs in 2017, and from those incidents, over 800,000 required medical treatment. This statistic shines a light on the real threat dog bites pose.

Driving in Dangerous Conditions

Some of the Worst Weather to Drive In

Winter is the season for some of the worst weather conditions possible. Winter weather brings with it a variety of weather conditions, some of which include:

Hazlet, N.J. - Pedestrian Hit and Killed on Route 36 in Hazlet

Hazlet, N.J. (January 21, 2019) - A pedestrian has been killed following a pedestrian accident on Route 36 in Hazlet. The New Jersey pedestrian accident occurred Monday morning at approximately 2:23 a.m. when the victim was crossing the street near the intersection of Middle Road and Route 36. While the victim was crossing, he was struck by a car traveling westbound, according to Lt. Robert Mulligan.

New York, N.Y. - One killed, One Injured in Vehicle Accident

New York, N.Y. (January 21, 2019) - A woman was killed and a man was injured after their vehicle suffered from an accident Sunday morning. The deadly New York vehicle accident occurred Sunday morning sometime before four o'clock.

Linden, N.J. - Woman Critically Injured After Hit and Run on North Wood Avenue

Linden, N.J. (January 21, 2019) - A woman has been left seriously injured after being hit by a car shortly before 2 a.m. on Sunday. The New Jersey pedestrian accident happened in Linden in the area of North Wood Avenue and St. George Avenue.

When Cars Don't See Motorcycles

Motorcycle Accidents in America

In 2017, over 5,000 motorcyclists died due to accidents. This number is staggering, and it's one that we hope will decline in the coming years. Motorcyclists will get into accidents due to their own driving or due to the motorcycle itself, but often, motorcycle accidents occur because other drivers are not paying attention to the motorcyclists that share the road with them. When a car hits or causes an accident with a motorcycle, it can mean a variety of terrible outcomes, including injury and death, that can cost the motorcyclist many issues for the near future. When a motorcycle is involved in an accident due to a vehicle, the cyclist has a right to talk with a lawyer to see what they may be owed and to see what the law can do to help them recover.

Brooklyn, N.Y. - Motorist Attacked and Stabbed in Road Rage Incident in Bensonhurst

Brooklyn, N.Y. (January 17, 2019) - A motorist has been left beaten and stabbed in a road rage incident late Thursday night. The physical assault happened in Brooklyn in the neighborhood of Bensonhurst. Surveillance videos show the attack happen at the intersection of 1st and 65th street, with a red Infinity stopped at a green light and a blue Volvo behind it.

Elmira, N.Y. - Police Officer Injured After Vehicle Hits Police Car Helping at Accident

Elmira, N.Y. (January 16, 2019) - An officer has been injured after their vehicle, which was stopped to help at an accident, was struck by a vehicle on the highway. The New York vehicle accident occurred on the Interstate 86 East highway near the Elmira Church Street exit at around 8:27p.m. on Wednesday.

Rochester, N.Y. - 2 People Dead After Tractor Trailer Crash on Hudson Avenue

Rochester, N.Y. (January 18, 2019) - Two people have died after being hit by a tractor trailer that went off the road. The New York pedestrian accident occurred Friday morning when a tractor trailer that was heading east on Route 104 drove off the roadway and went down an embankment, heading towards Hudson Avenue.

Making Your Property Safe After a Storm

Premises Liability and Storms

This weekend, a large snowstorm is going to sweep through the Midwest and East Coast, bringing heavy winds, snow, and ice. For many people, staying inside during this time is the best thing they can do. Keeping warm and safe is really important during this time of the year, so going outside unnecessarily, especially during a storm, is just not worth it.

Bedminster, N.J. - 8 Sent to Hospital After Crash on I-78 in Bedminster

Bedminster, N.J. (January 17, 2019) - Eight victims of a four-vehicle crash were sent to the hospital early this morning on a New Jersey highway. The multi-car accident happened in Bedminster at around 6:59 a.m. on the ramp for Exit 29 towards the I-287, which is on the eastbound side of the I-78 highway.

Watkins Glen, N.Y. - Two Bystanders and Driver Injured After Police Chase on State Route 14

Watkins Glen, N.Y. (January 17, 2019) - Two bystanders and the driver of a vehicle involved in a police chase have been injured after a crash occurred. The New York vehicle accident incident began at roughly 9:30 a.m. when officers from the Watkins Glen Police Department were called to the Schuyler County Complex where an assault case was happening. The suspect of that call fled in a vehicle before officers arrived at the scene. Officers were later told by a witness that the vehicle containing the suspect was driving on State Route 14.

Clifton, N.J. - Police Officer Injured after Dine and Dash Teens Try to Flee Scene on Route 3

Clifton, N.J. (January 16, 2019) - A police officer was injured Wednesday evening after attempting to stop a group of dine-and-dashing teens from leaving the restaurant, which led to a chase that damaged several other vehicles. The New Jersey pedestrian and vehicle hit-and-run affair began around 6:30 p.m. when a group of four teenagers walked out of the Applebee's on Route 3 before paying their bill, intending on driving away before being caught. One of the four teenagers was detained by staff of the restaurant, but the other three were able to run to a close Stop and Shop store.

What contributes to surgical errors?

Although the medical professionals who are working on a patient in New Jersey have years of education, training and experience, the truth of the matter is that errors could happen at any point during a medical procedure. Even more so, the cause of these medical mistakes can often seem minor. However, the aftermath of these errors can be significant.

Sleet, Hail, and Freezing Rain: The Differences

Driving in Poor Conditions

Winter is a season we look forward to for a variety of reasons. Holidays, time off of work and school, being able to visit with family, and the air of happiness are all reasons that we enjoy the beginning of the winter season. There are, however, reasons some of us don't look forward to winter. The short days, the lack of sunshine, scraping ice off of our cars every morning, and the various weather patterns we get all contribute to our negative feelings towards the coldest season of them all.

Islandia, N.Y. - Four People Injured After Reckless Driver Causes Accident on Long Island Expressway

Islandia, N.Y. (January 16, 2019) - Four people have been injured after a reckless driver caused a rollover accident on the Long Island Expressway Wednesday afternoon. The car accident occurred around 3:50 p.m. between exits 58 and 59 on the expressway. 19-year-old Louis Dimuro, the driver who caused the accident, was speeding and weaving through traffic while driving a BMW when he lost control of the vehicle. Dimuro hit a Jeep which caused the Jeep to flip multiple times.

Freehold Township, N.J. - Woman Dies in Crash on Route 9

Freehold Township, N.J. (January 16, 2019) - A woman has died after being involved in a three-car crash that ended up shutting down Route 9 for hours Wednesday afternoon. The New Jersey vehicle collision happened before 1:30 p.m., in which the woman who died and her passenger were involved in the three-car accident. Her passenger is currently in critical condition at the hospital.

Pelham Bay, N.Y. - Off Duty Police Officer Killed in Collision on Shore Road

Pelham Bay, N.Y. (January 16, 2019) - An off-duty New York City Police officer was killed this morning in a two-vehicle collision in the Bronx. The accident happened on Shore Road in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx at approximately 8:20 this morning.

The Spinal Cord and How it Works

Why is the Spinal Cord Important?

Everything that we are is contained in our brain, but everything that our body does is contained in our spinal cord. These two organs are, by far, the most important organs in our body as they make everything in our body work so that we can live. Without our brain we would, of course, not exist, and without our spinal cord, our body could not live. When damage to either of these organs occurs, our quality of life can decline greatly and will directly affect what we can do with the rest of our days.

Schenectady, New York - Student Hit by Vehicle Near High School on The Plaza

Schenectady, NY (January 15, 2019) - A student has sustained serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle outside of Schenectady High School, according to police. The Schenectady pedestrian accident occurred on Tuesday before 1 p.m. on an access road behind the high school located at 1445 The Plaza. According to Schenectady police spokesman Officer Matt Dearing, the student, who is not being identified at this time, is in serious condition.

Buffalo, New York - Six Students Injured in School Bus Accident at Grinder and Northland

Buffalo, NY (January 15, 2019)- Six students were injured in a school bus accident after the bus crashed just before 5 p.m. on Monday. The bus was carrying 17 students from School 27 when the accident occurred, a BPS spokesperson said. The bus was struck by another vehicle which then caused it to hit a traffic pole which then came down onto the bus.

Mexico, New York - 9 -Year-Old Girl Killed After Vehicle Collision on Highway

Mexico, NY (January 14, 2019)- A nine-year-old girl has tragically passed away after she was involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer. Cara Snyder of Lacona was a passenger in the car that collided with the tractor-trailer in the city of Mexico, the collision happening shortly after noon at the intersection of State Route 104 and U.S. Route 11. She died of her injuries due to the crash.

What to do When Caught in a Snow Storm

Snow in New York and New Jersey

This coming weekend, the East coast could be hit with another weather front that will drop snow, meaning that roads and cars can be unsafe until roads are properly plowed or the snow melts. Although many people decide to stay inside on snowy weekends, others use those free days to run errands and do other necessary tasks, meaning that they must leave their homes and brave the weather outside.

Mineola, Long Island - Man Hit and Killed by Driver Who Did Not Pay for Gas

Mineola, NY (January 14, 2019) - A motorist who did not want to pay his $22 gas bill on Monday morning ran over and killed the gas station manager at the station he stole his gas from. The hit and run incident occurred just before 7:30 a.m. at the Pit Stop gas station on Grand Avenue.

Copiague, Long Island - Woman Struck by Vehicle in Parking Lot on Merrick Rd.

Copiague, NY (January 13, 2019) - A woman walking through a parking lot located on Merrick Road in Long Island on Saturday afternoon. The woman was hit and killed by a vehicle backing up out of a parking space after she became pinned under the vehicle and couldn't escape. 

Brooklyn, NY - Man Critically Injured in Hit and Run Accident on Third Avenue

Brooklyn, NY (January 14, 2019) - After an apparent hit and run in Sunset Park, a man was left lying in the street after sustaining critical injuries. The accident occurred on Third Avenue at 51 Street in the early morning hours of Monday, January 14.

The Importance of Stop Signs on School Buses

Why School Buses Have Stop Signs

In the last days of October and beginning of November 2018, five children were killed over a three day span due to motorists not stopping for a stopped school bus. Stopped school buses usually mean one thing: children are loading and unloading, meaning that children will be walking around the bus and possibly in the street as they walk to get either to the bus or home. In the three separate instances in which these children were killed, all the motorists did not stop for the school buses which were stopped and should have had their stop signs out and displayed.

Bloomfield, NJ - Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Pickup Truck on James Street

Bloomfield, NJ (January 11, 2019) - On Friday morning, January 11, police responded to a fatal pedestrian accident that was stated to have taken place along James Street in Bloomfield. Authorities reported that a man was tragically killed while attempting to walk across the aforementioned road at around 8:30 a.m.

Greece, NY - Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries on West Ridge Road

Greece, NY (January 11, 2019) - Police were called to the scene of a traffic collision that was reported to have occurred on West Ridge Road in the town of Greece Friday afternoon, January 11. Authorities stated that the crash, which is currently believed to have involved no more than two vehicles, happened at around 2:19 p.m.

Harrington Park, NJ, 8-Year-old Girl Among Three Injured in Head-On Collision

Harrington Park, NJ (January 11, 2019) - Three people, including an 8-year-old girl, has been hospitalized following a head-on collision in Harrington Park, according to police. The serious crash took place at around 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, January 9, on Old Hook Road between Schraalenburgh Road and Bogerts Mill Road.

Preparations for Safe Winter Driving

Unlike our neighbors to the south, wintertime driving in New York and New Jersey poses numerous risks. Snow, sleet, and ice can turn a simple task like driving to the store into a dangerous nightmare. While many drivers are aware of just how easy it is to end up in a serious accident on slippery roads, every one of us can benefit immensely by taking a moment to go over the basic safety precautions every winter.

New Brunswick, NJ - Man Struck and Killed by Box Truck on at Intersection

New Brunswick, NJ (January 10, 2019) - A man has been reported to have died after he was hit by a box truck on Tuesday, January 8, in New Brunswick. Police stated that the tragically fatal accident took place at around 12:00 p.m. at the intersection of Livingston Avenue and Suydam Street.

Rochester, NY - Police Called to Scene of Traffic Collision on Joseph Avenue

Rochester, NY (January 10, 2019) - On Thursday afternoon, January 10, police were dispatched to the scene of a traffic collision, which is currently believed to have involved no more than two vehicles, on Joseph Avenue in Rochester. Police stated that the crash took place at around 2:06 p.m. for reasons that have not been verified at this time.

Newton, NJ - Four People Hospitalized Following Crash on Trinity Street

Newton, NJ (January 10, 2019) - Four out of five people who had been traveling in a vehicle on Tuesday evening, January 8, were sadly hospitalized following a crash on Trinity Street. The incident happened at around 5:30 p.m. when the vehicle crashed for reasons that have not yet been determined.

New Jersey Road Dangers for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

There is always at least a mild element of danger in place for both pedestrians and bicyclists who share the road with motorists. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents in New Jersey tend to be extremely injurious or fatal due to vulnerability at the time of impact. Catastrophic injuries are a common result of such an accident and like anything else, it is always good to be aware of the dangers at any given time.

Webster, NY - Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries Reported on Phillips Road

Webster, NY (January 9, 2019) - On Wednesday night, January 9, police were called to the scene of an accident that took place in the town of Webster at around 6:12 p.m. Police stated that the crash, which is currently believed to have involved no more than two vehicles, happened along Phillips Road for reasons that are currently being investigated.

Elizabeth, NJ - Man Killed in Tractor-Trailer Crash on New Jersey Turnpike

Elizabeth, NJ (January 9, 2019) - The driver of a tractor-trailer was tragically killed in an accident that took place early Wednesday morning, January 9. New Jersey State Police stated that the crash happened at around 2:30 a.m. on the New Jersey Turnpike in the town of Elizabeth.

The causes of a fatal ferry accident

For individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere, riding a ferry may be a typical part of the daily routine. These large boat help transport large amounts of passengers from one location to the next via water. While it is a convenient form of transportation, it is also public transportation that holds many risks. If something goes wrong and someone is negligent, this could result in a serious and even fatal ferry accident.

West Windsor, NJ - One Killed in Crash on Route 1 near Carnegie Center Boulevard

West Windsor, NJ (January 8, 2019) - One man was tragically killed in an accident that occurred on Monday night, January 8, in South Jersey. The accident was reported to have taken place on Route 1 near Carnegie Center Boulevard in West Windsor Township at around 10:00 p.m.

Keyport, NJ - Three Seriously Injured After Car Jumps Curb near Intersection

Keyport, NJ (January 8, 2019) - On Tuesday afternoon, January 8, police responded to an accident in which a vehicle was reported to have jumped a curb and struck at least three people. The injurious collision occurred at around 3:00 p.m. in the vicinity of Butler Street and Main Street in Keyport, according to authorities.

South Harrison Township, NJ - Fourteen Students Injured in School Bus Crash with Tractor-Trailer

South Harrison Township, NJ (January 7, 2019) - On Monday afternoon, January 7, several students were reported to have been injured after a school bus and a tractor-trailer collided in Gloucester County. The crash took place at around 3:30 p.m. near Ferrell Road and Monroeville Road in South Harrison Township, according to authorities.

Mount Olive, NJ - Man Killed Following Crash on Route 80

Mount Olive, NJ (January 7, 2019) - A man from Pennsylvania who was struck by a vehicle on the side of Route 80 Saturday afternoon, January 5, has died. New Jersey State Police stated that 53-year-old Marc DiRaimo was hit by a motor vehicle after pulling over along the highway at an unspecified time.

Newark, NJ - Two Women Critically Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver

Newark, NJ (January 7, 2019) - A hit-and-run crash that was reported to have taken place in the vicinity of Verona Avenue and Broadway left two women in critical condition early Sunday morning, January 6. According to authorities, the collision occurred at the Newark intersection at around 2:00 a.m.

The Most Common Kinds of Premises Liability Injuries in NYC

When an injury occurs on someone else's property, a specific field of law comes into play called, "premises liability." There are numerous ways in which a person may suffer injuries due to hazardous conditions on another party's property. Slip and fall accidents in New York are a common cause of injury that most people are familiar with, however, property owners have the obligation to keep their home, business, workplace, or other forms of property, free from all forms of hidden dangers that may cause injuries. 

Rollover Vehicle Injuries

What is a Rollover Accident?

Vehicle rollovers occur every day. Rollover accidents are accidents in which one or more vehicles roll over onto their sides, top, or back onto their wheels. Rollover accidents can cause a vehicle to partially roll, completely roll, or roll multiple time, all of which are dangerous and scary. These accidents are serious because they can introduce a different set of injuries to a victim compared to what might be caused by just a regular car accident. Rollover accidents are terrifying to those within the vehicle, which makes the aftermath of the accident even more difficult to deal with as those involved begin to piece together what happened. After a rollover accident, those within the vehicle should seek medical attention because their injures can be more serious than what can be seen by human eyes, and these injuries could be costly to recover from. After being involved in a rollover accident that wasn't your fault, seeking the help of a vehicle accident lawyer can help you being the process of recovery and help take the stress off of you.

Gaining Traction on Icy Roads

Icy Roads and Tires

Icy roads and tires often don't interact well. When ice builds up on roads, it can cause cars to spin out and cause accidents which can then cause others to get stuck on ice where they can't gain traction to get back on the road after exchanging information. For many, once they are stuck on ice, a costly tow truck is the only solution they know to help them out. Luckily, there are other simple and low cost options you can take to fix the issue of lost traction which could save you a tow truck ride and help you focus on your vehicle accident and help you find the lawyer you need to represent you and your case.

Common OSHA Violations

What is OSHA?

OSHA is an organization set up through the United Sates Department of Labor to help protect the safety and health of employees. This organization makes regulations that employers need to follow so that their employees are safe as they work in a variety of conditions. Despite these regulations, some employers still do not follow these rules, which causes their employees to be injured. OSHA attempts to stop these employer's rule breaking by evaluating the conditions of an employer's place of business and issuing violations, which they expect employers to fix. When employers violate OSHA's regulations, bad things can happen to employees, and that employer could be contacted by a personal injury lawyer after an accident, which is why following these simple rules is the best thing they can do.

Bedsores and the Elderly

What is a Bedsore?

For those who are bedridden or live in nursing homes, bedsores are a constant worry and issue that should be watched for and attended to as quickly as possible. Bedsores are sores that occur when you stay in one position too long, causing the skin to become inflamed and irritated. Bedsores are a nuisance that are easily avoidable yet are experienced by millions of people throughout the United States. For those who live in nursing facilities, bedsores occur because staff ignore patients or are too stretched to properly care for the patients in their care. When nurses cannot come and turn and move patients as necessary, it causes patients to develop these injuries, which are painful and difficult to live with. This sort of nursing home abuse is despicable, and it's one that should not be tolerated. When a loved one suffers at the hand of nursing home staff, contacting a lawyer can help you figure out how you want to proceed with their care and get the compensation they deserve for suffering through nursing home abuse.

Two people injured in a two-car crash in Newark

Throughout the holiday season, motorists are warned about the dangers of drinking and driving. It is not a new concept that consuming alcohol can impair an individual, making it dangerous for them to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Despite these facts, motorists still decide to drive under the influence, creating major risks for themselves as well as other travelers on the roadways. It does not take much for a driver to be over the legal limit, and a drunk driver could be the cause of a serious automobile collision.

When Someone Does Not Keep Their Property Safe

Premises Liability Definition

Premises liability states that whoever owns a piece of property has a duty of reasonable care for that property, which means that lack of care could result in them being responsible for injuries that occur to others on their property. It's a simple concept, really: take care of your property, so that it does not pose a threat to injure others who come and visit that property. Although this is a task many people both enjoy and perform regularly, there are others who decide not to care for their land, which leaves it in a shape that could be dangerous to others who visit. Being injured when on someone else's property can be frustrating, and for those injured on another's property, they often have difficulties deciding whether or not they should seek compensation. No matter the situation, premises liability is a serious legal responsibility, and it's one that a premises liability lawyer will have no issue helping you with.

How Rollover Accidents Occur

What is a Rollover Accident?

We've all seen them: an accident in which one car is heavily damaged and the other vehicle is rolled on its top or side. These accidents occur every day and are very serious as vehicle rollovers can mean injury or death. Rollover accidents are seen in many different kinds of vehicles, but they are mainly seen in vehicles that are tall and have a higher center of gravity, such as SUV's. As vehicles continue to be designed, manufacturers are looking at their vehicles and where the center of gravity is located to try to help their vehicles not roll in an accident. Tesla, for example, has designed the Model S vehicle to have a low center of gravity, giving it a low rollover percentage compared to similar sized vehicles. It can be expected that other car manufacturers will follow suit.

How Dehydration Affects the Body

What is Dehydration?

As we come down from the festivities of the new year, many of us will begin to think over what our resolutions will be. Many people decide to use the new year to get in shape. Others want to use the new year to eat better and learn how to cook healthy meals. Still, others look to improve their health with a simpler task: keeping hydrated. The "gallon challenge" and other water drinking challenges have made their debuts in the viral world, all working to encourage those participating to drink enough water to keep their bodies hydrated and functioning at a healthy level, which is something many people let slip in their routine.

Safety Glass in Vehicles

What is Safety Glass?

We have all had the misfortune of braking a glass. The danger of breaking a drinking glass or some other glass object always involves the sharp edges and points that form after the glass has broken. When cleaning up this type of glass, it's important to be careful so that you don't cut yourself on the sharp edges. Coming across broken glass from a car window, however, is very different from the broken drinking glass we all know. This glass is small and in chunks rather than in long or sharp shards, which is often odd to see when we compare it to what we know. Why is this glass different from the glass we all know so well?

School Bus History

A Quick History of School Buses

School buses have become a synonymous part of the public school experience. Children have ridden school buses since 1886 when the buses were simply horse drawn carriages. As time progressed, school buses were able to become motorized, though their protection for the children inside were still severely lacking. It wasn't until 1927 that school buses began to be covered in steel in an effort to provide more significant safety to the students who rode these vehicles to and from school. From that point, the safety of school buses continued to be an increasingly important subject, and it's one that we are still trying to improve today.

Defective Products During 2018

How Products in 2018 Faired

Defective products that were recalled in 2018 spans roughly 13 pages on the FDA's website, making roughly 300 products just in food and drug realm dangerous enough to be recalled for public safety. While some might argue that safety recalls will increase over time as companies come to be more responsible with their service to their consumers, others might argue that with increased technology and manufacturing techniques, these instances should decrease. Both sides make valid points, but whichever is right, it's important to know about the various products that can end up failing and how they might affect you.

How Ice Causes Us to Slip

Icy Walkways in the Winter

Ice formations during the winter months are an expected danger for many people in freezing weather areas. The formation of ice can cause several problems for those working, driving, or walking, and can cause serious accidents and injuries to occur. For those who know they will be in areas where ice will be, they can take precautions to help ensure that they will not slip and fall or have other ice related injuries happen to them. For others who are not prepared to be around ice, though, the injuries they can suffer can be serious and, in some cases, debilitating.

The Dangers of Prescription Errors

What is a Prescription Error?

Most Americans will, at one point or another, need to take a prescription to help improve their health. Many people will only need a one-time prescription, while other will need a life time of prescriptions, depending on their condition. These medications are given to us to help with a variety of issues, so, as one can imagine, there are quite a few different prescriptions available to patients. It's important that these prescriptions be given correctly because, if not, the person who is ill will either not get better from their ailment or will miss out on vital and important medicine that they need to be healthy. When the wrong prescription is given to a patient, many issues can occur which can leave a patient in a worse place than before.

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