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What Can Be Considered "Wrongful Death?"

Wrongful Death Definition

The death of a loved one can often be hard to comprehend and deal with. Death can be a slow process and it can be a quick one, depending on the situation at hand. Deaths that are due to illness usually allow a family time to say goodbye, work through the grieving process, and allow for some closure. Deaths that are quick, however, often leave families feeling incredibly hollow inside and can keep them in the grieving process longer. Quick deaths are often due to accidents or purposeful injury, which can make these deaths even worse for those grieving.

Tips for Driving in the Snow

Winter Weather Road Conditions

The winter season began for 2018 days just before Christmas, meaning that we have been in official winter weather for over a week now. For many people who grew up in these conditions, these changes in the weather are no problem, and are in fact something that many people don't worry much about as they drive to and from their destinations. Still, many others who are not used to these conditions or are perhaps unconfident in their driving prowess may fear this season for its weather changes, and may choose to turn to other traveling options rather than driving.

Different Types of Dash Cams

What Are Dash Cams for?

The roads we drive on today are more complicated than what they used to be. With the increase of distracted driving, drunk driving, and insurance fraud cases, drivers need all the help they can get when trying to prove their innocence in cases where they are the victim. While statements from witnesses can be helpful, they can sometimes not be enough to prove to your insurance company that you are the victim, or prove that the accident was not 50/50. When statements and witnesses are not enough, video evidence can be the proof you need to show your innocence and avoid paying someone who does not deserve compensation.

Different Products That Fall Under Product Liability

What Does Product Liability Mean for Consumers?

Products are a part of our daily lives. We see products on television, in magazines, on billboards, and anywhere else we may see advertising. Most products typically aim to do two things: bring us entertainment or improve our daily lives. With these goals in mind, many customers will purchase a product with the expectation of quality and functionality, so when a product cannot provide one or either of those expectations, consumers can be left upset. Faulty products are bought every day, and for some people, these faults can end up costing them big.

Construction workers and back injuries

If you work construction in New Jersey, no one needs to tell you that your back takes a beating every day. Because of the type of work you do, you constantly must lift, carry or otherwise move heavy and/or unwieldy pieces of equipment and material. What may surprise you to learn, however, is that approximately one-fourth of all on-the-job injuries come from musculoskeletal conditions.

The Dangers of Eloping Seniors

What Does Eloping Mean?

Eloping is most commonly known as when a couple decides to get married quickly and has a wedding ceremony with rushed plans. This term often brings with it good feelings as it means that a couple who is in love is now married and happy. Eloping has another definition as well, and it's one with less happy feelings. Eloping when it comes to senior care means that a patient has left the care facility without the knowledge or permission of those working at the facility. This issue is quite serious as no one knows where the patient has gone to and, depending on the level of cognitive function, will be hard to find because they may not know how to get back or how to ask to get back.

Injuries Sustained in Plane Accidents

How Plane Accidents Occur

Traveling by air is one of the safest forms of travel today. It's so safe, in fact, that the chances of dying while on a place is one in seven million, a number which does not fluctuate no matter how much your travel by air, which is a fact that cannot be shared by other forms of transportation. Due to the mechanics, science, and possible dangers associated with flying, traveling by plane is so scrutinized and reviewed that the chances of failure happening are very low. Still, the chances of being hurt while traveling by plane do exist, and being injured is not included in that statistic of one in seven million.

Injuries Due to Power Tools

What Tools Are Used on Construction Sites?

Construction sites are filled with a variety of tools to complete the job at hand. When building a house, tools like hammers and nail guns can be found. When building an office, tools like wire cutters and drills can be seen strewn about. When building a skyscraper, large cranes and concrete mixers can be found at the site. Depending on the job, different tools will be necessary and will be on hand to help make the job go by quickly and easily. Today, power tools are almost a necessity for these jobs, as they help make tasks go by quicker and they help with the efficiency of the work as well. These tools are beloved by construction workers, and they are tools that they would prefer to use in most situations.

Injuries a Mother Can Sustain in a C-Section

Mortality Rates of Women Who Give Birth

For many people in the United States today, starting a family is one of the biggest joys they can experience. From telling family and friends, to having the baby shower, to having the baby, it's an experience many couples look forward to as they look to expand their family. Women in particular can be excited about giving birth, as it means that they finally get to meet the child they've worked so hard to protect and nurture for the past nine months. For many mothers, childbirth, whether performed vaginally or by C-section, is a positive experience, and it's one they would not mind doing again to have another child.

What Product Liability Means

What Does Product Liability Mean?

Every day, we are subjected to ads that promise us the newest and greatest products. We are usually interested by these ads and, many times, are swayed to buy the item that we saw. For many, these products produce wonderful and satisfying experiences, with many people buying more of whatever item they particularly liked. For others, though, their experiences are a little different. Unfortunately, not all products are wonderful and do as they are advertised. Many products, in fact, suffer defects that can cause the product to not work and possibly cause injury to your person. Although this is a frustrating truth, there is a silver lining, and it's called "product liability."

Suffering from Whiplash

Definition of Whiplash

It's an injury most people will experience at some point in their life. From roller coasters to rough housing with friends to being involved in a car accident, whiplash is something many people will experience in some degree in their life. Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when you are in a situation where your head is rocked side to side or back and forth violently, straining or damaging the tendons and muscles in the neck. For most people, this injury isn't serious, and many people will see symptom relief of this injury within a short amount of time.

How Toys Can Be Unsafe

Children and Unsafe Toys

The days after Christmas are usually very exciting. Everyone is anticipating the new year, people finalize their plans for celebrations, kids have one more week or so before going back to school, and everyone is enjoying their presents from Christmas day. For adults, these gifts can be anything from a new video game, to a new standing mixer, to a new movie to watch. For kids, these gifts are usually the newest and greatest toys money can buy. Toys are a staple Christmas item for children around the world, and for many of these kids, these toys will be loved and cared for well.

How to Stay Safe on a Boat

The Dangers of Boats

Boats are a synonymous symbol of summer fun. Boats that go out on the ocean, boats that float around in a lake, and boats that can take you across a beautiful river all bring a different brand of fun and enjoyment, and many people love to partake in the fun of riding on one of these vessels. Being on a boat is a lovely way to waste a day, but it can also be something that causes pain and injury when not handled carefully and properly.

Vehicular Insurance Fraud Examples

What is Vehicular Insurance Fraud?

Driving our cars requires a fair amount of work. We have to keep our attention on the road, on the signs, to the passengers in our cars, and to other drivers on the road. Being an alert driver is something that is expected of us as we drive and can help to prevent accidents on the road when we follow through with the expectations set on us. Even with all of these precautions and responsibilities, though, not every accident can be avoided, especially when a driver is looking to get in an accident in the first place.

Nursing Home Abuses

What Is Abuse in a Nursing Home?

Nursing homes are beginning to become more wide spread within America. The baby boomer generation is now reaching the age where needing extra assistance throughout their day is becoming a necessity, meaning that more and more boomers will enter these homes as time goes on. With roughly 40% of United States adults needing or planning to move to a nursing home facility as they age, America is quickly running out of space in their facilities, necessitating more of these facilities to be built to accommodate the rising numbers. With these homes being needed now more than ever, those who want to work in these facilities will have a guaranteed job for quite some time, which for some workers can justify their behavior towards their patients.

How a Defective Product Can Affect Your Life

What Are Defective Products?

Dealing with a defective product can be a frustrating situation. For many people, defective products mean that their toaster doesn't get hot enough, or their television remote doesn't register the "mute" button. These issues are annoying, but not impossible to fix. Then there are the people who deal with catastrophically defective products. Their toaster heats up too much and causes their kitchen to catch on fire, their child's popsicle has metal shards frozen inside, their car is accelerating down the highway with no way to stop it. For these people, a defective product is more than just annoying. It can be deadly.

Accidents Involving Bicycles

Statistics For Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle is an enjoyed sport, a form of transportation, and a past time in the United States. Many people bike to school, work, the grocery store, and along scenic paths that will allow them to be closer with nature, enjoying the world around them. Many people choose to ride a bike over driving a car, which is an option that becomes more popular every day.

Why Defensive Driving is Important

What is Defensive Driving?

Driving is a multitasking activity that requires, truly, 100% of your attention. When driving, you have to worry about the speed that you're driving, the road signs that you pass, the lane markings on the road, the lights at intersections, and most importantly, you have to watch the other drivers. While on the road, it's important that you keep tabs on the other drivers who share the road with you, since many of them will, unfortunately, not be putting the necessary attention they need to be able to drive safely. When on the road with others, it's a good practice to assume everyone else on the road is not paying attention, which means that you will need to drive defensively to make sure you get to your destination in one piece.

Why Dashboard Cameras Can Be Helpful

What is a Dashboard Camera?

On sites like YouTube, there are entire video communities that post and watch videos that come from dashboard cameras, or dash cams for short. Dash cams are cameras that are installed in vehicles to record as a vehicle drives, capturing everything that occurs as a vehicle is on the road. Dash cams were once only installed in emergency vehicles as a way to record events that these vehicles were called to, but today, many civilians have them installed in their own vehicles, many of which upload their footage for others to watch.

High Speed Rail Dangers

The History of High Speed Trains

A constant advancement of humankind is finding ways to increase the speeds at which we travel. From horses to trains to cars to airplanes, mankind will forever search for faster ways to travel from one place to another. Recently in mankind's history, the invention of high speed trains has become the new and popular way to travel for people looking to go long distances in short amounts of time. The first of these trains was introduced in Japan in 1964, which still is hailed as being the standard that all high speed trains should operate at. Since its debut, other cities and countries have wanted to implement the system of high speed rails, though this want seems to be constantly hampered by issues like space, safety, and cost.

How to Respond When Hydroplaning

What is Hydroplaning?

Road conditions are an ever-changing aspect for drivers. As the seasons change, so does the weather, which is the biggest factor in how road conditions are for the day. With the changes in conditions, drivers should also change the way that they drive to accommodate the changes outside of their vehicles as well. Although this is an expectation for drivers, not all drivers follow these guidelines, and this can cause issues with other drivers on the road since these decisions can decide if an accident will occur or not. Although a driver may be able to get away with driving dangerously for road conditions many times, their luck will eventually run out, and they will end up experiencing an accident that can be serious.

What is Wrongful Death?

The Definition of Wrongful Death

Many people would agree that they do not like discussing death. They do not enjoy thinking of aging and they do not enjoy the thought of being at the end of their days. For many, death is a taboo topic, saved only for when they are attending a funeral and for no other time than that. Still, death is something that happens, and it's something that we must face even when we least expect it.

The Dangers of Black Ice

What is Black Ice?

As winter draws closer, the worry of road conditions begins to really take hold in the minds of drivers. Winter can bring with it rain, snow, cold winds, and various degrees of snow storms, all of which can affect the way we drive. One of the worst road conditions that occurs during winter, though, is black ice.

How Brain Injuries Occur

How the Brain Works

Of all of the parts of and organs in our bodies, there is one that ranks as the most important of them all: The brain. Our brains control everything about us. They control our breathing, our talking, our thoughts, our feelings, our desires, and everything else in our lives. Without our brains, we would essentially be nothing but bodies that lay on the ground. Our brains are what makes each and every one of us ourselves, so logically, protecting our brain is one of the most important things we can do as living creatures.

Driving Conditions During Heavy Snow

How Driving Conditions Change with Snow

Most weather that is not simply sunshine and blue skies will affect the roadways that we drive on. Certain areas, such as southern California, only really worry about conditions such as rain, which can cause issues like hydroplaning and possible skidding due to low traction between the tires of a car and the road. In areas like New York, though, snow and ice are a concern for drivers this winter. Already this year, New York has suffered several snow storms, one of which left commuters on the George Washington Bridge walking away from their vehicles after a 20 car crash due to ice stopped all movement. These weather changes can cause chaos for those who are trying to travel through it, and those who try to treat these changes like they're no big deal can cause accidents on the road that will slow others down.

The Consequences of "Failure to Diagnose" Cases

What is Failure to Diagnose?

When someone gets sick, the first thing they might do is go to the doctor to get help. Doctors are there to help us, after all. Their medical knowledge is extensive, and they often know more about what our symptoms means than we do, giving them the edge to diagnose us and give us the medicine we need. In a lot of cases, once the doctor has given you your diagnosis, you can get your medicine, leave the medical office, and start getting better.

Injuries That Occur at a Railroad

Railroad Accident Statistics

Once used as the only way to travel across the country in class and style, railroads today are more often used to transport goods and materials instead of people. Railroads are seen within many towns and across stretches of the American landscape, so while they are rarely used for mass transportation anymore, they are still a part of the lives of Americans today. Railroads and trains are pieces of wonder for children, and some children become so interested in this transport system that they choose to take their curiosity into their adulthoods and work with these "iron work horses" as a career.

Injuries That Can be Sustained in a School Bus Accident

School Bus Accident Statistics

School buses are a well utilized form of transportation that millions of children use every day while attending the school year. For the most part, school buses are a safe option for kids, actually ranking safer than if a parent drives a child to school. Still, like every vehicle, buses can suffer a crash or accident in which those on the bus will be harmed. In 2016, roughly 5,000 kids who rode school buses were injured after the bus was involved in an accident. While these numbers are comparatively low to the overall number of children who ride buses, they do still represent roughly 5,000 families whose children are injured due to an accident while on the bus.

How the Elderly are More Prone to Pedestrian Accidents

The Numbers on Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are a part of everyday life for those who drive and commute around town. We see pedestrians waiting to cross streets at street corners, we see them walking along the sidewalks to get to a store or other place of business, and we see them taking a break by a bench or by a food cart while getting a bite to eat. Pedestrians roam every city in America, which is something that all motorists need to be aware of to make sure everyone using the roadways are being safe.

The Health Complication of a Staph Infection

What is a Staph Infection?

When looking to get a bikini wax, it's important that you find a reputable business that is highly rated by a health inspector. When a waxing business does not follow health codes set out by health organizations, customers can end up experiencing less than favorable side effects from their waxing appointment, which can include issues like rashes, bleeding, and staph infections.

Treating a Dog Bite

The Dangers of Dog Bites

Any time someone is bit by an animal, the care of their wounds should be treated seriously. While cat bites are typically more dangerous as far as infection goes, dog bites are still a very serious danger and need to be treated accordingly. Dog bites, depending on the person who was bit, can be fatal, which speaks to the importance of having a dog bite seen and treated by someone who is a medical professional. Specifically, those who are young children and those who have compromised immune systems are the most at risk for life threatening injuries and life threatening infections.

The Forces Involved in a Car Accident

How Car Accidents Can Occur

In the United States in 2016, roughly 37,500 people died due to being involved in vehicle accidents. These accidents occurred due to a number of reasons, some of which include:

The Injuries That Occur in Motorcycle Accidents

Statistics of Motorcycle Accidents

With the rise of gas prices, the rise in population in major cities, and the convenience of they're small size, it's no wonder why motorcycles are becoming an increasingly popular vehicle to buy and use amongst young and single riding drivers. They are easy to park, fairly easy to ride depending on the make and model of the bike, and they are a money saver on gas for many drivers. With all of these advantages, it's a wonder why more people who are able to don't drive these vehicles, seeing as they seem to make the most sense in this economy.

Common Slip and Fall Accidents

What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

In our busy and hectic days, it can be easy to miss simple things around us. Many people will almost walk in front of a moving vehicle while checking emails on their phones, others will walk into poles or doors because they're on the phone and aren't keeping their focus on their walking, and still others will end up slipping and falling because they are not looking at where they're feet are. Slip and fall accidents occur every day, with roughly 800,000 people a year being hospitalized for a slip and fall accidents. People who slip and fall can end up suffering from minor to severe injuries, depending on their age and how the fall occurs.

What is Premises Liability?

Definition of Premises Liability

The day that someone signs the contract to become a property owner is one that is filled with joy, happiness, and excitement. Becoming a property owner is a big decision, and it's one that many people feel takes them into a new state of adulthood. When you become a property owner, there are many new things you must consider doing that you often did not need to consider when renting an apartment or other properties. making sure your lawn is cared for, that trees are trimmed and well maintained, that the driveway is free of large holes and cracks, and that the sidewalk in front of your home is clear and accessible. While all of these chores can seem like a lot of time and responsibility, they really are simple and many people enjoy doing them as new property owners.

Motorcycle Laws: Lane Splitting

What is Lane Splitting?

Everyone who has ever ridden in a car has experienced the frustrating and unfortunate encounter of traffic. For some cities, traffic lasts for half an hour and then the roads are clear again. In other cities, traffic can last for hours, causing those on the roads who are stuck in these situations to be frustrated and impatient. No matter who you are, traffic is a nightmare, and it's one problem people wish to avoid as much as possible.

What is Elder Abuse?

The Definition of Elder Abuse

As the generation known as "baby boomers" begins to get older, the question of where they will live as they continue to age becomes more pressing. For many, living at home is the only option they will consider, preferring to have in home care or having family help to care for them. Others will move to assisted living facilities and will eventually find their way into a nursing facility when they can no longer care for themselves. Whichever way they prefer, the aging boomers will need to consider where they want to end up within the next few years, and will need to look over the risks they have of becoming victims of elder abuse.

Aggressive Dog Breeds

Dog Bites Across America

Dogs have always been an important part of American life. Dogs are some of our first best friends, they are some of our first protectors, and they are often times our first pet. Dogs are found in millions of homes across America, and they are beloved by a multitude of people. To come across a home without a dog today is nearly unheard of, and it's something that many people today can't fathom to experience.

How Sports Injuries Can Affect Your Health

The Statistics of Sports Injuries

By the time an American reaches the age of twenty, a vast majority of them can say that they have participated in or enjoy playing a particular sport. These sports are seemingly endless in their numbers: basketball, football, hockey, soccer, tennis, running, golf, lacrosse, and still more after that. Of the thousands of sports out there, there are dedicated fans and players who enjoy participating in their beloved sport of choice, and they enjoy playing against those who share their love of the sport. This love usually starts out early, with roughly 30 million youth participating in a sport in their free time which continues on into adulthood. These activities are important and fun for anyone who enjoys physical activities, and many enjoy the competitive aspects of the game.

Making Motorcycles Safer for Their Riders

Statistics involving Motorcycle Accidents

In the year 2015, motorcycle deaths accounted for 29 times that of vehicle deaths. These numbers are mainly due to the one major issue motorcycles lack over vehicles: safety features. Unlike vehicles, motorcycles do little to nothing to protect their driver when an accident occurs, which means that they are more vulnerable to injuries that can result in death.

Why Safety Ratings in Cars is Important to Know

Why is a Safety Rating Important?

A vehicle's safety rating essentially tells a buyer how safe they will be if and when they get into an accident. For some, these scores don't matter since most vehicles are safe enough that they will protect you in any situation. For others, these ratings are the only thing that matters when buying a vehicle, since they want to make sure their families are safe and protected. No matter how you buy your vehicle, the safety ratings associated with your vehicle are important to know for future reference.

What a Traumatic Brain Injury Means in Your Life

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic brain injuries are injuries sustained due to a violent hit or shaking of the head, which damages the brain and causes a variety of issues. Traumatic brain injuries happen every day, with those who are older than 65 and babies being particularly at risk for this injury, though any person of any age could suffer from this injury. It is a particularly serious injury because of the brain's involvement, and it's an injury that can be tricky to heal from due to a variety of risk factors involved when the injury occurs.

Designated driver killed in head-on collision

Most police departments recommend that persons riding to a party in a single vehicle designate one of their number as the "designated driver." The designated driver is supposed to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs and thereby provide a safe trip home for everyone in the party. Unfortunately, designated drivers cannot control the behavior of other persons who may choose to drive while drunk.

How to Handle a Dog Bite

The Statistics of Dog Bites in America

Dogs are a common and, almost expectantly, a pet in many homes within the United States. Many people have dogs for different reasons. Some have dogs to go hunting with, others have dogs to help children with learning or physical disabilities, and others have dogs simply as a companion. Many dogs enjoy being around people and receiving attention, but there are a few who do not. Dogs who are not socialized or who have not received behavioral training can cause issues with other dogs and can be a threat to people, depending on how aggressive the dog is. When dogs feel unsafe or unsure, they will bite to establish that they need space, and this bite can range from a nip at fingers to a hard bite. In the United States, dogs bite roughly 4.5 million people a year, which costs homeowners over $686 million in claims.

When OSHA Violations Occur

What is OSHA?

In America's work history, worker's rights and safety does not have a very strong presence until 1971. Before then, workers dealt with a variety of issues that caused them to suffer either injury, sickness, or death. In 1971, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, was formed. OSHA is a government organization that seeks to provide safe and healthy conditions in the workplace for employees around the country. OSHA has a set of rules and regulations that must be followed by employers to ensure their workers are healthy and safe. If employers do not follow these rules and regulations, they face consequences such as fines, legal troubles, and the closing of their business. It's important for these employers not to be outside of OSHA's standards so as to not incur these consequences.

The Dangers of Bikini Waxes

What is a Bikini Wax?

Body waxing has become a common beauty trend in America. Men and women will visit salons to have their eyebrows, arms, legs, and even their genital areas waxed free of any hair growing there. Bikini waxes are treatments in which hair around the bikini line is removed, allowing a nice and flawless look around the bikini line. This procedure is popular for a couple of reasons: one, it allows more time between hair growth; two, it leaves you with a smooth and more "clear" look; and three, you'll feel smoother for longer, which can be a nice feeling. Many people enjoy getting a wax and will go regularly for their monthly trip to the spa, and while they enjoy this activity, they often don't think about the possible dangers associated with this activity.

Injuries Sustained Due to Ice and Snow

How Ice and Snow Can Be Dangerous

As the days move by, the weather is becoming colder and colder. On December 9, 2018, a large snowstorm worked its way through North Carolina and Virginia, covering the states in historic levels of snow. Thousands of people are snowed in, with two confirmed dead and thousands of others without power. As the weather subsides, there will be a lot to clean up on residential properties, and some might begin to wonder: How much of my property is mine to clean? What am I responsible for?

The Injuries Involved in Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

In large cities like New York, pedestrian travel is often the preferred way to travel. Traffic is usually too clustered, and navigating cities that have a simple layout like New York sometimes makes walking or biking easier than to try to take a vehicle. The problem with walking in cities like New York, however, is the number of accidents involving pedestrians. In the past year, the number of pedestrians that were killed in traffic accidents in New York, New Jersey, and across the US jumped 11% compared to the previous year. This jump in deaths concerns many people because the number of those who are deciding to walk and bike to their destinations is climbing for reasons ranging from trying to be more physically fit to those who wish to be more environmentally conscious, a trend which is increasing as time goes on as well. With the increase in pedestrian accidents, many are wondering if switching to be a pedestrian is worth the risk, or if they should find their exercise another way.

Regulations Surrounding School Buses and Their Drivers

School Bus Safety and Children

In late October 2018, onboard video footage surfaced of a Texas school bus driver ignoring a sign cautioning that the road ahead was closed due to flooding. The driver saw the sign and decided to ignore it, attempting to drive through the intersection anyway despite the water clearly flowing heavily over the road. The bus entered the roadway and was quickly swept away where it floated down the road for some time before stopping on some trees. The driver had a 12-year-old student on the bus with him at the time. Both the driver and the student ended up being ok, but the question remains: How could something like this happen?

How Safety Features in Your Car Help You Every Day

What are Safety Features?

In every vehicle today you will find an array of safety features that have been built into its design. Safety features are exactly what they sound like: they're different features and aspects within a vehicle designed to keep the passengers and the vehicle itself safe from collisions and other accidents. These features range from things like small sensors to the actual frame and structure of the vehicle. Today, vehicles are safer than they ever have been, and with the advancement of technology, safety features in vehicles are continuing to make our roads safer each and every day.

How Seatbelts Affect Your Life

History of the Seatbelt

In all vehicles made and sold today, seatbelts are a standard safety feature that's included. Seatbelts are a common and expected feature when it comes to vehicles today, but that wasn't always the case. Seatbelts were patented the same year as when the automobile was invented, in 1885, but the first laws requiring seatbelts to be a standard feature in vehicles would not be introduced until 1968. Before that point, seatbelts were an additional charge to have in a vehicle, which many people would choose not to have due to the extra money. As time would tell, though, seatbelts would be a simple addition that would end up saving the lives of roughly half of all crash victims, allowing these victims a life they would not have had if they did not have their seatbelts in their car.

You've Been in a Car Accident, What Happens Next?

Every Day Car Accidents

It is an unfortunate but true statement that car accidents occur every day. These accidents will range from small fender benders in which only paint transferred from one vehicle to another, to multi car collisions in which injuries and other property damage occurs. Although these latter accidents do occur, most drivers will never experience an accident to that extreme, which makes the accidents we face all the easier to handle.

The Process of Healing Broken Ribs

Why Our Ribs Are Important

The ribcage plays an important roll in the anatomy of every living creature. Ribs work to protect the organs within the ribcage, which are organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys. For this reason, it's important to make sure your ribs are well taken care of. Broken ribs pose a risk to the organs they protect, either by being a point of which an organ can be punctured due to a sharp broken end, or because the ribcage is not as sturdy when some ribs are broken, meaning the entire structure is weakened. While they tend to be a sturdy structure, ribs can be fractured or broken in certain cases, and when that happens, it's important to make sure that they are well taken care of so that they heal completely and properly.

How An Internal Decapitation Occurs

Cases of Internal Decapitation

In August 2018, a report broke discussing a 22-year-old man who, miraculously, survived and is about 50% recovered from an injury called internal decapitation. This young man had been involved in a car accident in which his car slid off of the road due to black ice, with the impact of hitting the ditch causing his head to go through a window, which caused his injury. Despite the odds being against him, he lived and is now working to return to a normal life. His improbable recovery is one that is newsworthy, since the injury is known to be "universally fatal," and it's one that gives doctors hope to help future victims of this injury recover and live normal lives.

Injuries That Come from Boating Accidents

Boating Accidents in America

Boats are one of the few vehicles that service a variety of people who enjoy taking time to go out on the water. Boats are used by fisherman who fish in lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Boats are used as the vehicle in aquatic sports like speed boat racing. Boats are also used by the very rich and famous who enjoy taking their large boat out to sea for romantic dinners and getaways. Whether it's a small dingy or a forty-foot yacht, boats are a vehicle used by just about every demographic in America.

The Most Common Injuries in Vehicle Accidents

Statistics for Vehicle Accidents in America

By the time a person in their early 30's, they will more than likely have experienced being in a car accident. For most, these accidents will be simple ones. Rear-end accidents, fender benders, and low impact collisions are all fairly common accidents that occur multiple times every day, and for many people, these accidents do not result in significant or long-lasting injuries.

Drunk Driving During the Holiday Season

Drinking Prevalence in December

In America, Christmas and New Years are two holidays that are celebrated by the majority of the population. Many people are allowed a day off of work, others travel to visit family and celebrate with loved ones, and some choose to simply stay home and enjoy the holidays from the comfort of their homes. These two holidays typically involve large quantities of food and, for some, a drink or two. For others, though, the holidays mean it's a time to cut loose and drink heavily.

Different Driving Distractions for Different Age Groups

Driving While Distracted

Driving a vehicle is a multitasking activity. You have to keep a consistent speed, watch out for other drivers, follow the road signs, stay in your lane, and keep an eye out for any obstacles in the road. These tasks, though numerous, can be easy to accomplish if you make sure your attention is completely on the task of driving and not straying to other activities instead. Many drivers are able to operate their vehicles without allowing too much to distract them, but there are other drivers who allow distractions to intrude on their concentration.

Recovering from Your Vehicle Accident

Injuries Occur in Vehicle Accidents

Vehicular accidents happen every day and affect millions of people. According to the CDC, for every one person who is killed in a vehicle accident, eight are hospitalized with injuries and 99 are treated for accident related injuries and then are released to go home. These numbers are quite serious because most people who are involved in a car accident, even those who are released from the hospital the same day as the accident, suffer form injuries that require time and professional help to heal. After an accident, it's important that you not only allow yourself the time to recover from your injuries, but also look for a professional to help you heal when it's necessary.

How Helmets in Motorcycle Accidents Save Lives

Motorcyclists in New York

New York is known for many things: tall buildings, times square, and lots of traffic. Many people who live or work in New York choose to either walk or use the subway as their main form of transportation while in the city, but there are others who choose to ride motorcycles. With their tiny frame and quick acceleration, motorcycles are quickly becoming a popular vehicle for many people who live in large and densely populated cities to get back and forth in their day to day life.

Ways to Prevent a Dog Bite

Dogs in America

Dogs have been an integral part in the homes of America for hundreds of years. Dogs were first used as a form of protection and to help with hunting, then over time dogs became part of the "work force" for ranchers and other blue-collar jobs, and now dogs are a part of the family and enjoying a life of fun and leisure. Dogs are living in over 46 million homes in America, with many of those homes owning more than one dog, which means that there are at least over 78 million dogs in America currently. Of those 78 million dogs, though, only five percent of them will go through any kind of professional behavioral training, meaning that the other millions of dogs will either depend on the training their humans will give them on their own, or will simply never receive any behavioral training in their lifetimes.

Causes and Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy Birth Injuries

For every parent, the day they bring their child into the world is a day to remember. After months of expecting, many new parents remember the days as a life-changing event that will forever divide their lives into "before," and "after." For most parents, the day their child arrives is a happy day. 

Birth injuries resulting in maternal death

Expecting mothers in New Jersey and elsewhere have much exciting for the upcoming arrival of their baby. However, expecting mothers also have many concerns. There is a common understanding that complications could occur. These complications could impact the life of the newborn as well as the mother delivering the baby. Although complications are possible, they are also often considered unpreventable. In contrast, medical errors and mistakes are considered preventable. When a medical mistake leads to a birth injury, this could compromise the health and even the life of a newborn or the mother.

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