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What are birth injuries commonly suffered by a newborn?

From the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant until she gives birth to her child, there are many worries and concerns on her mind. Her health and wellbeing are continually monitored during the pregnancy as the baby grows and progresses. The health and development of the baby are also continually monitored, ensuring actions are taken if any health issues arise. However, even if a woman has a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy, this does not mean problems could not arise during labor and delivery.

Can a car crash paralyze you?

Should you receive neck or back injuries in a New Jersey car crash, the results could be catastrophic. Depending upon which part of your spine you injure, your body could become partially or completely paralyzed, a life-changing event that would require your use of a wheelchair for the rest of your life.

Doctor-patient interaction contributes to diagnostic errors

People make mistakes. In many situations, these errors are minor and suffer no consequences. However, in other matters, mistakes can have a significant affect, causing some individuals to suffer much harm. In cases where medical professionals make errors, patients in Newark and elsewhere could suffer new ailments or injuries. This not only results in pain and suffering, but also could compromise the patient's health and wellbeing.

Radiologist and diagnostic errors

When individuals in New Jersey and other states across the nation fall ill, he or she often rely on medical professionals to help determine what is wrong and issue them the proper course of treatment. But the treatment plan cannot be effective if the diagnosis is not correct. Diagnostic errors could be the result of a medical mistake made by a doctor. However, it could also be the result of a medical specialist making a medical error as well.

How do you prove loss of consortium in a wrongful death action?

The loss of a loved one is a challenging time. It can be an especially pressing time when a life is suddenly taken away in an accident caused by a negligent party. Thus, it is important for surviving New Jersey family members to understand their situation and whether it is possible to take legal recourses. In some cases, a wrongful death lawsuit may be possible, allowing one to recover compensation for certain losses.

Guiding you through a wrongful death action

New Jersey accidents are just that, accidents. They are unexpected, and while a negligent party may be to blame, these incidents are shocking and likely tragic. Much like no one expects to be involved in a crash, no one expects to lose a loved one in a fatal accident. Thus, it is important for surviving family members to fully explore their situation, understanding their rights and options.

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