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Understanding the effect of birth injuries

Preparing to have a child in New Jersey is an exciting time. Even when emotions are running high, mother's-to-be are often focused on the positives. This means they are anxiously awaiting their little bundle of joy. Although they are likely aware of the potential complications with labor and delivery, it is hard to accept them, even when they do occur. Hearing that a newborn has suffered a birth injury is a very difficult to process. It can also be challenging to think and consider how this could possibly happen. One answer is that medical negligent is to blame.

Can you trust your surgeon to admit an error?

If you underwent a recent New Jersey surgical procedure or plan to do so in the near future, you should be aware of the fact that, unfortunately, accidents and errors sometimes occur in the operating room. Worse yet, if one occurs before, during or after your surgery, your surgeon may or may not tell you about it.

Who are the most prone to distracted driving?

No one is a perfect driver, but many New Jersey drivers are safe drivers when they follow the rules of the road. Upholding ones duty to drive safe helps increase the safety on the road. However, it does not prevent a negligent driver from colliding with them. Negligence behind the wheel can look like many things, and today, it frequently looks like a driver distracted by his or her cellphone.

Three-car crash in New Jersey results in DWI charge

When individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere are traveling down the roadway, it is not a rare event to see an accident site. While it may be a simple fender bender more often than not, the reality is that car accidents can occur anywhere and at anytime. Additionally, these collisions could be severe, causing serious and even fatal injuries. There are many reasons why accidents occur and are often the result of negligence and recklessness, such as being distracted or intoxicated behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Surgical errors and never events

When New Jersey patients undergo surgery, this can be an emotional and difficult process. For many, this is a major deal regardless if it is planned, routine or emergency. Although experienced, educated and trained medical professionals will be completing the surgical procedure, patients have concerns. Even when the risks are known, it can be difficult to assess whether he or she is experiencing a known risk or are suffering because of a medical mistake or surgical error.

3 common distractions that truck drivers face

Everybody knows that texting and driving is a serious hazard. It has caused countless collisions, injuries and deaths, and brought attention to the general problem of distracted driving. When a driver in a car drives while distracted, it is dangerous, but when a trucker drives while distracted, the consequences are liable to be deadly. Distractions may be an even bigger problem for truckers than for drivers in cars.

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