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Understanding birth injuries to mothers and babies

When preparing to give birth, a New Jersey mother will likely devise a birth plan. While this is what a mother hopes her labor and delivery will entail, the reality is that a lot of the unexpected could occur in a birthing room. In some cases, errors could have been made during pregnancy when a doctor advised a mother to take a certain prescription or do certain things. However, some mistakes are made during the delivery room. These acts could result in harms to the mother or the baby in the form of a birth injury.

Preparing for birth means preparing for the risks associated with it. While no one wants to think about the possibility of suffering harms during the birthing process or having a newborn harmed because of mistakes made during labor and delivery. Nonetheless, it is important to consider what is normal and what could be the cause of errors or negligence.

It is rather normal for mothers to suffer minor tears and muscle strains. However, they could also suffer serious tears, damages to their muscles and even pelvic fractures. These can be misdiagnosed or even undetected, resulting in other serious health issues down the line. Preeclampsia is also a serious health condition that mothers could suffer. This includes symptoms such as a rise in blood pressure, impairment of the liver and a decrease in urination. When this is not detected or misdiagnosed, this could have serious and even fatal consequences for both the mother and the baby.

A baby could suffer nerve damage during birth, and the consequences of this injury can vary depending on how severe the nerve damage is. The majority of these injuries are minor, resulting in the numbing and weakening of the affected area. However, in more serious situations, this can cause long-term effects, such as limb weakness, permanent loss of feeling, respiratory difficulties or even partial or complete paralysis. Brain damage is another feared birth trauma, which could be caused by oxygen starvation, compression, infection, misuse of instruments, interrupted blood flow and other similar instances.

A birth injury is an unexpected a tragic. Even if the error is minimal or minor, it could impact a newborn or a mother in significant ways. A medical malpractice action could help an injured patient hold a negligent medical professional accountable, also assisting with the collection of compensation.

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