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Pedestrian safety and crash rates

As some residents in New Jersey can attest, traveling by foot can be much more convenient than traveling by motor vehicle. Although automobiles serve a purpose, they also pose many risks. This is especially true for pedestrians. Because they travel in areas where motor vehicles are also traveling, this creates a risk for collision. And, in areas where there are not sidewalks or marked crosswalks, this can reduce the safety for pedestrians.

Not all areas can provide the same safety features for pedestrians. This can make it harder for pedestrians to safely cross an intersection or even make it more challenging for motorists to see or stop in time for a pedestrian crossing the road. While motorists are required to remain attentive and drive safely in areas where pedestrians frequent, the designs of sidewalks, intersections and crosswalks also matter when it comes to pedestrian safety.

The Federal Highway Administration notes that pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable road users, as they account for roughly 16 percent of all roadway fatalities occurring across the nation. They also note that they are especially vulnerable in non-intersection areas, which is where roughly 72 percent of all pedestrian fatalities occur. Uncontrolled pedestrian crossing locations present the most risks. These are not controlled by a traffic sign or stop sign and may or may not be marked, and they correspond to higher pedestrian crash rates because they provide the least amount of pedestrian accommodations.

The risks associated with an uncontrolled crosswalk are greater because there is nothing that helps alert a driver that a pedestrian could be crossing. Although motorists should be attentive, the reality is that distraction and intoxication do occur. This could result in a motorist not stopping in time to evade a pedestrian crossing the roadways.

Following a pedestrian accident, it is important to consider all the factors that could have contributed to the crash. While design flaws and lack of safety features could be a factor, it is often likely that a negligent driver caused the crash. It is vital to have the matter investigated, which could help wit the establishment of causes and liability as well as the filing of a personal injury action for losses and damages.

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