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For residents in New Jersey, walking by foot is not uncommon. Whether an individual is out for a stroll, walking on the city streets, is commuting to work or walking to or from their vehicle, being a pedestrian comes with risks. While there are many benefits to walking to destinations, when a person is traveling by foot around motor vehicles, he or she opens up him or herself to much vulnerability. Even when traveling at slow speeds, a motor vehicle can do much damage to a person. Because he or she does not enjoy the same safety features as a vehicle, a pedestrian is likely to be thrown due to the force of the collision. This can cause serious and even fatal injuries to the victim.

When a pedestrian is traveling on or near a roadway or in a parking lot, he or she is afforded rights, He or she has the right to travel safely, and motorists owe them the duty to travel safely around them. When a motorist fails to provide this duty by being negligent or reckless, it is possible to hold them accountable for the damages and losses caused by the crash.

At Robert A. Solomon, P.C., our skilled legal team understands the tragedy that can befall victims and their loved ones following a pedestrian accident. The aftermath of such an accident is often gruesome, resulting in serious injury to the head, neck, back, limbs or internal organs. These injuries can cause serious long-term harm as well, resulting in the need for ongoing medical attention and care.

Our attorneys are prepared to help our clients explore their rights following a pedestrian accident. This means diving into the details of the matter, uncovering evidence that proves cause and liability. Our goal is to help our client become whole again through a civil action. A personal injury action could help with the recovery of compensation, which could e used to address medical bills, lost wages and other damages suffered.

To learn more, check out our law firm's pedestrian accident website. The damages and losses that can befall a victim of a pedestrian crash can be devastating and serious. Thus, it is important that these victims take the time to understand the cause of the crash and holding a negligent driver accountable for the losses suffered through a personal injury action.

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