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Medical errors and adequacy of nursing education

There is the presumption that a New Jersian's education, training and professional experience makes them more reliable in a certain profession. Take the medical profession for example. These professionals obtain years of education and training, preparing them for anything their medical career could throw at them. Unfortunately, education and training does not cover all bases, and some medical professionals are unprepared. This could lead to medical errors, harming a patient.

A current study focused on recent nursing school graduates, considering how they viewed their education and the relation, it has with medical errors. This study was based on how they perceived the adequacy of their education to prepare them for a nursing career, any contributory variables with regards to medical errors, the nurse's emotional response to the matter and the nurse's treatment by his or her employer after the medical error occurred.

Of the 168 participants in this study, it was found that 55 percent of them made a medical error. When looking at the causes of these errors, these included inexperience, rushing, technology, staffing and patient acuity. Of the participants that caused a medical error, 24 percent stated that they did not report their errors. When considering ways to address these types of errors, improved education and training in clinical area, intensive pharmacology preparation, practical instruction for functioning in a healthcare environment and coping with medical mistakes.

No patient is ready or prepared to deal with a medical error. However, when one occurs, it is important to understand what can be done. Harmed patients have the ability to assert their rights, investigate the matter fully and even file a medical malpractice action against a liable party or parties. This also helps with the collection of compensation for any damages or losses caused by the incident.

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