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Differentiating birth defects from birth injuries

As a New Jersey mom-to-be, your developing baby likely is always foremost in your mind. You can hardly wait until the day (s)he enters the world and you see him or her for the first time. Although your pregnancy has progressed normally and you do everything you possibly can to make sure both you and your growing baby stay healthy, you nevertheless probably occasionally worry that (s)he could suffer a birth injury or have a birth defect.

One killed in dump truck crash in New Jersey

Roadways can be a dangerous place. Motor vehicles of various sizes are traveling at high rates of speed. Mix in some drivers that are not attentive because they are on their phone, are speeding, fatigued or even under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This can make roadways extremely dangerous and difficult to evade an accident if a negligent driver were to come into the path of another vehicle.

What is facial nerve palsy?

New parent or not, bringing a child into New Jersey is an exciting and scary time. When a mother is in labor, she is likely concerned about the process, as complications could happen. Even when a pregnancy was healthy and went well, issues could present themselves during the delivery of the baby. If a medical provider does not act appropriately when these issues come about, the newborn could suffer a birth injury.

Medical errors and adequacy of nursing education

There is the presumption that a New Jersian's education, training and professional experience makes them more reliable in a certain profession. Take the medical profession for example. These professionals obtain years of education and training, preparing them for anything their medical career could throw at them. Unfortunately, education and training does not cover all bases, and some medical professionals are unprepared. This could lead to medical errors, harming a patient.

Helping protect your health and rights after medical malpractice

For the most part, individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere do not look forward to seeing the doctor. Whether it is a routine checkup, because one has fallen ill or were seriously injured, going to a clinic or hospital means trusting in those medical professionals. While these individuals have years of training and experience, ensuring patients are properly cared for, inadequate care could occur when steps are missed or details are overlooked. Medical malpractice could come in the form of a minor medical mistake or a major medical error. No matter the case, it is vital to understand what happened and how best to address the matter.

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