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How could a birth injury impact a child later in life?

An injury can have a lasting impact on a victim. While this may not always be physical, there are some types of injuries that could result in a victim living with challenges or health problems for the rest of his or her life. Consider a birth injury, for example. The eventful and joyous time of bringing new life into the world could turn tragic when medical errors are made during pregnancy, labor and delivery. While the immediate harms are likely seen shortly after the birth injury occurred, it is possible to have a birth injury cause additional health issues down the line.

How could a birth injury impact a child later in life? According to a recent study, researchers found that nerve-related birth injuries could result in mental health problems for the infant when he or she reaches their teen years. The research focused on brachial plexus. This is a birth injury where the nerve fibers leading to the arm are damaged. This type of birth injury can range from hardly being noticeable to not being able to move one's arm.

A study was conducted to understand the usage of medication to address mental health issues by teens, assessing whether or not the child had suffered a birth injury. Researchers discovered that when compared to their counterparts, teens who suffered a birth injury that impacted the nerves were more likely to require medication for mental health issues. The study also found that those most impacted were those who were from low socio-economic status, and female.

Whether it is a physical disability or a mental health condition, a birth injury could impact a child well beyond their infant years. Even more so, the injury could cause new and unsuspecting health issues, making it important for parents and their children to understand how a birth injury could impact them later in life. This could help victims take action, helping them hold a negligent party accountable while seeking compensation for any losses suffered.

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