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What duties do motorists have to pedestrians?

It is clear what will win each time in a collision between a person and motor vehicle. Even when moving slowly, the size and weight of a vehicle has the ability to knock a person down, causing injuries. A pedestrian accident is a serious and often fatal collision, making it one of the worst types of accidents on the roadways in New Jersey and elsewhere. In addition, this makes pedestrians vulnerable, whether they are traveling on a sidewalk, parking lot, residential area or crosswalk.

Understanding birth asphyxia

As a New Jersey mother-to-be, the health, safety and welfare of your growing baby likely are your main concerns. Unfortunately, however, pregnancy and birth are not things over which you have complete control. No matter how careful you are during your pregnancy, your baby could suffer a birth injury through no fault of yours.

Wrongful death action for death of child or elderly loved one

The loss of a New Jersey loved one is a difficult event. Young or old, one is never prepared to accept that a family member has left us. When a fatal accident occurs, this can be extremely shocking. The negligence of another party has put one at a major loss not only by losing a loved one, but also suffering the financial damages associated with this loss.

Driver faces manslaughter charges following fatal crash

Automobile accidents are not unheard of. In fact, most motorists in New Jersey and elsewhere drive by an accident site on a weekly or monthly basis. While many of these collisions are minor, only leaving minimal damage to vehicles, others can be severe, seriously injuring or killing occupants. The sudden loss of a loved one because of a negligent driver is a difficult event to cope with. It is also hard to deal with the aftermath of a fatal crash. The matter can be costly, making it even harder to cope with the loss one just suffered.

How could a birth injury impact a child later in life?

An injury can have a lasting impact on a victim. While this may not always be physical, there are some types of injuries that could result in a victim living with challenges or health problems for the rest of his or her life. Consider a birth injury, for example. The eventful and joyous time of bringing new life into the world could turn tragic when medical errors are made during pregnancy, labor and delivery. While the immediate harms are likely seen shortly after the birth injury occurred, it is possible to have a birth injury cause additional health issues down the line.

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