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Woman struck and killed in Newark police pursuit

For those who must travel during rush hour, it is clear how many vehicles can fill up a roadway. This can be vastly different for motorists traveling during the evening and late night hours. The roads can seem sparse, providing a wide open space or motorists. However, motorists are not the only ones traveling on the roadways. Pedestrians and cyclists can share the road with motorists at any hour of the day or night. Because of this, it is also vital that drivers keep an eye out for them.

According to reports, a 29-year-old woman was struck and killed in a recent collision in Newark. Reports indicated that this pedestrian crash happened during a police chase. Newark police were pursuing two men that allegedly stole a Jeep at gunpoint. Officers spotted the stolen vehicle near Bergen and Chadwick.

At around 10:44 p.m., the female pedestrian was crossing South 14th Street. At that point, the Jeep being pursued crashed into another vehicle. This caused the struck vehicle to be forced into a parked car, hitting and pinning the female pedestrian in the process. When emergency crews arrived at the scene, the female victim was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Unfortunately, she did not survive her injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

At this point, no arrests have been made and investigation is still ongoing. Police are examining video footage collected that captured the collision scene. Once completed, authorities will be able to determine cause and assign liability. In these matters, surviving family members might have legal recourses. A wrongful death action not only helps place liability on a negligent driver but also helps with the collection for compensation used to address losses and damages caused by the fatal crash.

Source:, "29-Year-Old Woman Struck and Killed During Police Chase in Newark: Prosecutors," May 6, 2018

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