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What to do if your parked car is hit with you in it

Car accidents happen every day. In fact, the New Jersey Department of Transportation receives an average of 320,000 crash reports every year. These collisions range in severity from minor fender benders to catastrophic events. 

One type of collision you may encounter at one point involves getting hit by a car while you are in a motionless vehicle. This happens frequently in parking lots, but it can also occur when you park on the side of the street. In a vast majority of these cases, the other driver will be liable, but you still want to follow these steps. 

Seek proper medical attention

You can be at a great risk of injury when a moving car hits your parked vehicle. There is a chance you did not put your seat belt on yet, causing you to lurch forward and hit the dashboard. It can be important to see a doctor following one of these incidents. You'll want to get the other driver's information, such as contact information, before leaving the place of the accident.

Contact insurance agent

You'll generally want to get in touch with your auto insurance company as soon as you can following the accident. Your case might be fairly cut-and-dry if the other car hit you while you parked legally. However, if you parked your car illegally, then your claim may meet resistance. For example, an insurer may claim you were partially negligent. So, there can be the potential for complicated issues to come up in connection to parked car accidents.

Talk to a personal injury attorney

Even if everything seems pretty straightforward, it does not hurt to retain the services of a personal injury lawyer. You may need to file paperwork or go through various legal processes, and an attorney can help tremendously when you already have a lot on your plate.

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