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Common accidents that happen on construction sites

If you are thinking about becoming a construction worker or currently work as one in the Newark area, you may or may not realize how dangerous the job environment can be. Construction worksite accidents happen all the time for many reasons.

Although the construction work environment is full of hazards that can lead to injury and death, many construction accidents are avoidable. Take some time to learn about a few construction accidents to take care to avoid.

Crush accidents 

Workers are at risk of crush injuries when equipment falls on them or when other workers accidentally run them over. Scaffolds, collapsing trenches, cranes and other heavy machinery can pin workers between equipment and unmovable objects. Besides fractured and shattered bones, workers can suffer internal bleeding, paralysis, and even fatal injuries.

Fall incidents

Construction worker job duties are often in environments that are not complete, and the lack of structures and floors and building material can lead to slips and falls. Workers are likely to suffer injuries from a fall from an upper-level surface, but a fall on a level area can be serious, as well.

Use of defective equipment

Various power tools and electrical equipment are necessary to complete jobs on construction sites. When equipment at construction sites isn't properly inspected, tested and labeled, the risk of injury and death from defective equipment can increase. Defective equipment can cause a wide variety of injuries, such as lacerations, punctures, fractures, electrical shocks and more.

You should always follow all company and worksite safety procedures to avoid harm. Wear safety gear and inspect it regularly, and encourage co-workers to do the same. Take breaks and stay alert to identify potential issues that can compromise safety. Your employer must take precautions to maintain a safe work environment and reduce accidents. If you sustain injuries in a construction site accident you should speak with an attorney for guidance.

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