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Driver charged with a DUI following Newark multi-car crash

When we get our driver's license, we are well informed that car accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Depending on one's age, it was likely drunk driving was the most dangerous thing a motorist could do while behind the wheel. However, today distracted and fatigued driving are mainstream concerns. Despite the growing dangers on the roadways, drunk driving continues to cause many accidents each year.

Understanding neonatal injuries and their causes

Unfortunate events can occur at anytime and anywhere. However, most do not expect it to occur during labor and delivery. Parents awaiting their bundle of joy might expect it will take time to deliver the baby but they would never dream of their newborn suffering injuries during birth. Unfortunately, complications can occur and mistakes can be made.

When can birth injuries occur?

Parents in New Jersey and elsewhere research the best cribs, bottles and diapers, thinking of only the normal things needed in preparation for a baby. But what if something goes wrong during labor and delivery? Parents often do not prepare themselves with this information because it is the last thing on their mind. However, medical professionals could make mistakes, causing your baby to suffer temporary or permanent injuries.

Protecting your rights following a medical mistake

In hindsight, we often think of how things could be different or events avoided. When it comes to medical malpractice, patients consider how the harms caused to them could have been avoided. Because patients entrust a medical professional to care for them, patients do not often think about things going wrong. However, when a medical professional fails to uphold their duty of care, this puts a patient at risk during a surgery, diagnosis or treatment plan.

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