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Could recovery for medical malpractice change?

It is easy to have trust in medical professionals. These individuals have obtained extensive education and training, making them experts when it comes to treating patients with simple and major ailments and injuries. However, Doctors are expected to meet a certain standard of care. Failing to meet this standard is likely to result in a medical mistake. While this might seem minor in some cases, it is likely to seriously disrupt the health and wellbeing of a patient.

Older workers more prone to fatal workplace accidents

We can do everything right and still suffer tragedy. While we act with the intention of not being harmed in an accident, we cannot control the actions of others. This is especially true in the workplace. The health and safety status of the work environment significantly impacts a worker's ability to avoid life-threatening injuries in a work accident.

Alcohol a factor in a fatal crash in New Jersey

Drivers from all over the nation venture to New Jersey and New York for business or pleasure. While these motorists are not from the area, what remains true is the fact that they have the duty to drive safe in every state they travel through or in. Being negligent or reckless behind the wheel could cause a sudden, serious or catastrophic collision, injuring or killing those involved.

Helping you protect your rights following a pedestrian accident

Major cities can be dangerous places. This is especially true when it comes to pedestrians traveling in areas where traffic is heavy. Even when a motor vehicle is traveling a slow speed, the damage that a vehicle can do is astounding. When motorists in New Jersey and elsewhere are distracted or negligent, this could be the cause of a serious or even fatal pedestrian accident.

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