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Law enforcement amped up after rash of pedestrian accidents

Law enforcement in New Jersey have stepped up their enforcement efforts at several of this state's most notoriously dangerous intersections in the wake of several pedestrian accidents, some of which were fatal accidents involving children and teens.

One of those deadly accidents took place in the spring of 2016, when a vehicle left the road and ran over two teenagers who were alongside the street. On the whole, between 2014 and 2016, almost 200 pedestrians were involved in accidents along one New Jersey road. Of these victims, 10 did not survive.

While police are encouraging pedestrians only to cross at designated crosswalks, they are also going to be watching dangerous intersections to make sure motorists aren't engaging in careless or reckless behavior. Police will focus in particular on drivers who speed through accidents and those who do not stop for traffic signs and signals or properly yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

Not stopping at lights and not instead trying to race through an intersection instead not only violates New Jersey traffic laws but also puts others, including pedestrians walking alongside the road or crossing the street, at risk. Such behavior can rightly be described as "negligent," and drivers who chose not to use appropriate care and caution around pedestrians can therefore be held accountable both by the police and by victims themselves through the civil court system.

Hopefully, increased enforcement will reduce the number of pedestrian accidents. However, there is no doubt that some drivers will not play it safe, even with the threat of a fine, and cause a pedestrian accident. Victims and their families can hold these drivers accountable through personal injury lawsuits, under which they can collect compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other items.

Source: The Hudson Reporter, "Hit-and-run deaths on Kennedy Blvd. spur action," Hannington Dia, Nov. 15, 2017.

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