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Man killed after his disabled vehicle is struck on interstate

Car accidents are unfortunate events that can be very unpredictable. Whether a dangerous condition leads to a car accident, a negligent driver collides with another vehicle or there is a chain reaction of multiple accidents, a car crash could involve several vehicles, severe damages, serious injuries and fatalities. Because car accident could transpire into a very complex event, it is important that the cause and liability associated with the crash is understood.

According to recent reports, a fatal accident occurred on a New Jersey highway. Preliminary investigation reveals that the accident occurred following a single car accident. Around 3:30 a.m. a vehicle traveling westbound on Interstate 80 hit a guardrail in the center median. The 27-year-old motorist survived this crash and was standing by his disabled vehicle when another vehicle collided with the vehicle.

This collision resulted in the disabled vehicle hitting the driver. When emergency crews arrived at the scene, the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. An occupant of the other vehicle suffered injuries in the crash and was treated for these minor injuries. This accident is still being investigated and no charges have been filed at this time.

When a fatal accident occurs, those impacted by the crash should take the time to understand the cause. If another motorists is at fault, surviving family members could hold that driver accountable for the death of a loved one. A wrongful death charge not only places liability on a negligent driver but also helps with the recovery of compensation. This financial award could be used to cover medical expenses, funeral costs, lost wages loss of companionship and other related damages.

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