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What are some common birth injuries newborns could face?

Preparing for the impending birth of a child is an exciting and joyous time. Parents in Newark are focused on what their baby will look like, how they will act and what life will be like when they bring the baby home. The last thing on their mind is their newborn will suffer harm due to medical negligence. Much faith, trust and reliance is place on the doctors, nurses and the medical team aiding during labor and delivery. However, mistakes could be made, causing birth trauma to an infant.

What are the common birth injuries newborns could face? Excessive scalp swelling and bruising is common, and is medically known as succedaneum. While this can be a normal condition caused by the baby's journey through the birth canal, a physician using a vacuum during delivery could also cause it. If this device was improperly used and caused some damage, this could be deemed a birth injury.

Another common birth injury is shoulder dystocia, which could result in broken bones, brain damage or the restriction of cranial blood flow. Klumpke's palsy is another birth injury, which refers to the paralysis of the arms, wrists or fingers. This commonly occurs when a physician improperly pulls an infant from the birth canal by the arm.

Facial paralysis could occur when a physician uses forceps to grab the baby by their head as a means to guide them through the birth canal. This could result in damaged facial nerve, making it difficult to move muscles in the face or even close an eye. Finally, there is subconjunctival hemorrhage, which is when the small vessels in a baby's eye ruptures as a result from the pressure exerted on it during the birthing process. While these could occur naturally, they could also be the result of mistakes made during labor and delivery.

Unfortunately, birth injuries are more common than we want to admit or realize. Because of that, parents need to be aware of the potential harms their newborn could face. This could allow parents to better prepare for such incidents and even take steps to help avoid them. Nonetheless, when unfortunate events like this occur, parents need to be aware that they may have legal recourses available to them. A medical malpractice claim could help parents hold a negligent medical professional liable while also helping them pursue compensation for injuries and losses.

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