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Helping harmed patients pursue a medical malpractice action

At some point in time, every resident in New Jersey will require some form of medical care or treatment. This is usually not an issue because patients of all ages rely on the training and expertise to diagnose and treat them no matter the injury, ailment or disease. Unfortunately, doctors are also human and can make errors. While these errors could be purely accidental, others are a result of medical negligence.

When a patient is harmed by medical errors or medical negligence, this could significantly impact their health. Depending on the situation, a patient could suffer worsened conditions or even new medical conditions. At Robert A. Solomon, P.C., our experienced lawyers understand how a negligent nurse, doctor, surgeon, pharmacist or medical staff member could seriously harm the health and wellbeing of a patient. Thus, we are dedicated to helping residents throughout New Jersey and New York protect their rights in a medical malpractice action.

Our skilled attorneys are well versed in a wide variety of medical malpractice cases. We have successfully helped past clients recover damages when there has been a failure to diagnose, birth injuries, surgery errors, prescription errors, nursing home negligence and other incidents of medical negligence. In order to fully understand why these events occurred, we are prepared to fully investigate the matter and utilize the assistance of expert testimony. This information can be extremely helpful when asserting a specific cause for medical harms.

To learn more, check out our law firm's medical malpractice website. While the last thing a patient expects is to be harmed by a medical professional that is there to help them, this scenario is a possibility. Because of that, it is important to understand the rights of patients when medical errors do occur. A medical malpractice claim not only holds a negligent medical professional accountable for their wrongdoings, it also helps patients recover compensation for their losses and damages.

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