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Study shows rise in car accidents due to drugged drivers

When there is a car collision in New Jersey, there can be injuries and fatalities. Research is often conducted to determine how and why these crashes take place. This can be beneficial to law enforcement, government entities and for those who were affected by an accident and need to take the next step.

New research has discovered that the number of people who are killed in a car accident due to drugs has surpassed the number killed in a drunk driving accident. This new study was provided by the Governors Highway Safety Association with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. The drugs that were found in the systems of the drivers were both illegal and prescription drugs. These were involved in 43 percent of fatal accidents during 2015 when tests were given. There were 37 percent who had alcohol in their system.

There is a movement to raise the amount of training that law enforcement officers receive to determine that a driver is on drugs. As of now, there is no standard way to come to this determination as there is with a breathalyzer for alcohol. There are limits to the data that was used in this study. The foundation was only able to use information states provided and they do not always test. In addition, the presence of drugs was recorded, but not the amount. Therefore, it could not be compared to blood-alcohol level. Also complicating matters is the legality in some states of marijuana and the combination of drugs that some drivers take.

Drivers who are injured in a car collision and the families of those who were killed must be aware of the possibility that drugs were a cause of the crash. Considering that this is an important factor in these accidents and the evidence can have a bearing on a legal filing, it is essential to have legal help with the accident investigation into the case to gather that evidence. Discussing a case with an attorney who specializes in car accidents can be key.

Source: NBC News, "Drugged Driving on Rise, Passes Alcohol Alone in Fatal Crashes, Study Finds," Phil Helsel, Miguel Almaguer, April 26, 2017

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