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Why truck drivers making U-turns can be dangerous

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Making a U-turn can be dangerous in some situations and areas, especially with large trucks. That is why many states have regulations and signs to govern when and where drivers can do them, but what exactly is the big deal?

There is decreased visibility

When a big-rig driver is going in a straight line in perfect and clear conditions, he or she still has large blind spots. That is compounded when making a U-turn, and quite a few trucking companies do not even allow their drivers to make this kind of turn.

When there are already signs posted that a U-turn is illegal, visibility is frequently the reason, and accidents may be more likely to occur. There may be, for example, a curve in the road or a hill, or perhaps a school bus stops frequently in the area.

Trucks can block traffic

There have been instances when truck drivers make U-turns, often illegally, and end up blocking traffic. Sometimes, the truck even has to drive against traffic for a short while. Such moves are dangerous, and any change to normal traffic flow may increase the risk for collisions stemming from unexpected stops. Also, if a vehicle misjudges the space available to make a turn, the driver may end up performing clumsy and dangerous maneuvers, such as repeated braking and backing up, and is at risk of being hit.

A bad situation can worsen

A bad situation can get worse quickly when U-turns are thrown into the mix. For example, take a person driving under the influence of alcohol and making a U-turn. The movements may not be precise, and the driver’s judgment may be poor. The driver may take way too long to make the turn, neglect to see a pedestrian or even end up heading down the wrong side of the road. Inexperienced drivers, drivers on medication and drivers with mental or physical issues may face similar problems.

Many times, drivers perform U-turns just fine without harming anyone. Sometimes, however, these U-turns directly and/or indirectly cause personal injuries, injuries to vehicles and much more. Anyone who has been negatively affected by an accident may want to explore options with an attorney.

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