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What should you do if you are hit by a car? Part 1

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Getting hit by a car (as a pedestrian) is one of the most frightening experiences a person can undergo. You are struck by an object that is many times larger, faster, and stronger than you. More often than not, you will suffer severe injuries that could impact you for the rest of your life. Everyone always hears horror stories of stunned drivers leaving an injured pedestrian on the road. If you are able, you will want to follow these steps to ensure that you can hold the driver accountable for your injuries.

After an accident, always call 911 and request an ambulance. Even if you believe the injury was not that serious, you should go to a hospital. There are numerous ways in which you can sustain internal injuries which you may not feel or notice due to adrenaline or a thousand other explanations.

You should also request the police to send an officer. You will need a police officer to take your statement and, if possible, the statements of witnesses and the driver that struck you. The officer can also investigate if your injury was caused by drunken or high driving or another crime.

If you were struck by a car at an intersection, you might want to contact a lawyer ? you could have an actionable claim for personal injury. As stated above, you don't want to wait too long after an accident to explore litigation. Each claim is limited by a time-limit it is thus crucial that you proceed quickly. A lawyer can calculate your deadline and lay out a plan to ensure that your claim is not lost because of a clerical or calendaring error.

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