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Filing an insurance claim for a dog bite

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According to the Insurance Information institute, dog bites cause around 885,000 people to seek medical attention annually. If you are one of these people, how to proceed is not always clear, and the dog's owner may be hesitant to take responsibility for your injuries. One of the most common steps taken after a dog bite is filing an insurance claim. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your bite, this may be an option for you, too. Be sure to pay attention to the following steps if you are planning on seeking recourse through an insurance claim.

Get necessary medical treatment

Dog bites can cause a number of different medical issues. You will likely see bruising, and if the bite breaks the skin, you will probably have a laceration that might require stitches. Infections and even a need for surgery can spike the cost of medical care even further. It is of the utmost importance, however, that you get the care you need and seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the initial dog bite.

Document everything that happens

As you are undergoing medical treatment, you should be sure to document every part of the process and everything else that occurs after the dog bite. This will be essential to sustaining the claims you make against the insurance policy. Make note of pain, treatments, the appearance of the injury and any other relevant information.

Collect additional evidence

It is a good idea to collect evidence besides to the documentation you record following the dog bite. If your clothing was torn or glasses were broken, for example, you should preserve them in case they are needed for review later on. Any other physical items that were damaged as a result of the attack should be kept to support your claims.

Record the consequences of the event

Perhaps the most important part of an insurance claim is establishing the consequences you have suffered as a result. In addition to the costs of medical care, you may have missed work or been unable to complete your daily tasks. Any effect that the injury has had on your income or ability to function should be recorded so that you can seek compensation for its financial impact.

A dog bite can be a serious injury, and if you have recently been attacked by a dog, you should familiarize yourself with the options available for recourse. A lawyer can help you do so by providing legal advice.

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