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An analysis of common accidents involving pedestrians, Part 1

Walking is in vogue for getting back into shape. There are numerous applications and “wearable” devices that are designed to get people up and moving, out of the office, and hitting the pavement. But, especially in congested cities, even walking can be a dangerous endeavor. This post will go over the common scenarios involving pedestrians and how you can recover compensation for injuries.

The most common accident involving pedestrians are with cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles. Pedestrians often take for granted the invincibility of the sidewalk and crosswalk. Unfortunately, those areas are only safe if drivers are paying attention and giving you the right of way. Often pedestrians are caught unawares, especially as people spend more and more time on their phones instead of walking.

You can recover compensation for your injuries if the driver was behaving negligently. The next question then is, how do you know if the driver was negligent? The common markers for negligence are if the driver violated traffic laws, sped, failed to yield to you or was intoxicated at the time of the accident. The common thread among these situations is that the driver was doing something wrong (or unlawful) when he struck you. The actions of the driver determine whether or not his behavior was negligent and therefore grounds for you to recover compensation.

If you were injured in an accident, then you may want to contact a lawyer. Unless the driver or person who injured you stopped to help, usually you will need to conduct an investigation. Lawyers, among other skills, investigate potential claims and assist their clients in gathering factual and legal proof. An attorney can help you by gathering more facts to prove your case and increase your chance at receiving a fair recovery for your injuries.

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