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Pedestrian accidents in parking lots can be avoided

Parking lot accidents can put a damper on an otherwise great day. Avoiding them doesn't have to be difficult, though. In fact, if drivers pay attention and pedestrians stay focused on what they're doing, many accidents can be avoided.

What should drivers do to avoid pedestrians in parking lots?

They should start by slowing down. Parking lots have many people entering and exiting vehicles, and those people include kids who might walk out into traffic without considering the consequences. Drivers should consider backing into spaces when they can, since this helps them pull out head first, which makes it easier to see people coming. Parking lots are congested, too, so attempting to leave or enter during non-peak times is essential.

Which parts of parking lots are the most dangerous?

Overall, those areas with the least lighting post a higher risk to pedestrians, since drivers may not see them. Areas where debris, snow or even landscaping elements block pedestrians from view can also be dangerous. If the lot has a boom gate, this gate could come down and hit a car or pedestrian, which is why the attendant should be paying attention and monitoring the gate at all times.

How can you stay safer in a parking lot?

Remember that a large portion of accidents are caused by backing vehicles, so look for tail lights before crossing behind anyone. The driver who is pulling out may not be able to see around vehicles that are parked next to him or her. Once you get to your vehicle, buckle up, because even a minor collision can lead to injuries that require a lawsuit or insurance claim.

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