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You can prove that medical malpractice led to your injuries

Proving fault in a medical malpractice case starts with showing how you've been a victim of negligence. You'll need to prove several factors of your case in order to win in court.

First, you need to show that you were owed a duty from the medical provider. That means that you had to have been a patient or under the doctor's care when the accident or negligence allegedly occurred.

The next thing you should show is that you suffered because the standard of care expected in the medical community was not met. For example, if you were having surgery, the medical community would expect the surgeon to have been properly trained to perform it. If there is an accident because he or she made an error during the surgery, that could indicate that the surgeon did not perform to the highest level of care expected by the medical community.

Once you're injured, you'll need to show how the medical provider's actions led to your injury. For instance, if the medical provider prescribed you Xanax instead of Zantac, you could suffer from hallucinations or other benzodiazepine side effects instead of having your heartburn reduced. If you missed work or suffered complications because you were prescribed the wrong drug, you will be able to connect the doctor's mistake to your injuries.

Finally, you must show that you did suffer an injury. When you can prove this to the jury or judge, your chances of winning your case are much better. Our website has more information about the steps you need to take before negotiating or going to court.

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