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How many accidents take place during the winter holidays?

On the average day, approximately 100 people are killed in car accidents in the United States. As winter approaches, knowing how to take care of your vehicle and how to avoid winter collisions is an important key to survival.

According to statistics, there are approximately 1,300 people killed and another 116,800 injured in collisions that take place on slushy, icy or snowy pavement. How can those crashes be avoided? Slowing down and avoiding travel in bad weather can help. Around 900 people are killed and another 76,000 are injured in crashes that take place during snowfall or when it's sleeting, showing the importance of pulling over if it gets too difficult to see or too slick to drive.

Remember that your speed should be reduced during winter weather in accordance to the road conditions. Freeway speeds typically drop by 3 to 13 percent when it's snowing lightly, which accounts for potentially slick roads and less visibility. In heavy snow, expect to travel between 5 and 40 percent slower than in ideal conditions.

Preparing your vehicle can help reduce the risk of a collision. Keep your phone charged and ready to call out in an emergency. Have snow tired put on your vehicle, and defrost the windows before you head out on the roads. Keep safety equipment on hand, like jumper cables, blankets, snacks and other necessities in case your vehicle breaks down or is involved in a collision. Preparing now can help you make sure that even in an emergency, you have a way to get help and keep yourself or others as comfortable as possible.

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