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Head and brain injuries can affect you for the long term

Suffering from a brain injury can affect you for the long term, making it necessary to seek out compensation for your injuries. There are several kinds of brain injuries you could suffer from, all with potentially drawn out recoveries.

What is a head injury? Is it the same as a brain injury?

A brain injury is always a head injury, but a head injury isn't always a brain injury. A head injury is simply a broad term describing a number of conditions affecting the scalp, underlying tissues or brain. When a head injury affects the brain, then it's considered to be a traumatic brain injury.

What kinds of brain injuries are there?

Concussions are one of the most common kinds of brain injuries. They can cause a person to get knocked out, blacking out for a few seconds to minutes or longer. After waking, the person might be confused, have a headache or other symptoms.

A basilar skull fracture may also affect the brain. It is when the bone at the base of the skull breaks, potentially leading to a tear in the covering of the brain. If that happens, the nose and ears may drain fluid as it leaks from the cavity.

An intracranial hematoma is simply a blood clot in the brain or somewhere around the brain. They can be mild or lead to life-threatening injuries. Subdural hematomas may be caused by a cut on the brain. A contusion of the brain is bruising that can affect the brain, lead to bleeding and potentially could result in further complications.

If your head is thrown from side to side or whipped around quickly, a diffuse axonal injury is possible. This is when the brain's ligaments may tear, or the brain itself might impact the skull in several places, resulting in serious trauma.

Each of these brain injuries can lead to months or years of necessary recovery and could leave you unable to work or provide for yourself. If the injuries are a result of a pedestrian accident, you may be able to recover the costs of your care and recoup lost wages through a personal injury settlement. Our website has more information.

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