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Family wins lawsuit against careless driver who hit restaurant

When you go to a restaurant or fast food stop, you expect to pick up a meal and sit down to eat. The last thing you expect to have happen is for a vehicle to enter the building suddenly, hitting people as they stand in line or sit at their tables.

If a driver does make an error or is driving in a way that results in a vehicle entering the building, you certainly have a chance to file a claim against that driver for any injuries you suffer or damages you need for other losses. In the case that dangerous property conditions led to the accident, the restaurant may also be liable for the injuries you've suffered.

A lawsuit against a driver who caused a fatal accident has been settled for $1.2 million with the man's family. The accident took place when a 78-year-old woman drove her BMW through a window of a restaurant and struck a 79-year-old man. The man died two and a half weeks after the accident after suffering what his daughter and lawsuit claimed were considerable injuries and pain. The lawsuit states that the family expended money for the treatment of the man as well as for his care until his untimely death. The family claims they suffered other monetary and economic losses as well.

Besides the woman driving the vehicle, her husband was also named in the case. The lawsuit claims he was negligent and careless in allowing his wife to drive. She has not faced any criminal charges for the crash and was cited only for careless driving.

Source:, "Suit against driver in fatal Bayonne Wendy's crash settled for $1.2M," Jonathan Lin, Sep. 28, 2016

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