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Distracted driving can kill: A false sense of security to blame

No one gets behind the wheel expecting to get into an accident, but with how many distractions there are today, it's highly unlikely to drive down the street without seeing someone who is looking away from the road or distracted by someone in his or her vehicle.

Most drivers understand it is very dangerous to be distracted behind the wheel, but they continue to do it regardless of the harm it could cause others or themselves. Why does this happen so often when people understand the risks? It could be because they have a false sense of security behind the wheel.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 3,152 people were killed in 2013 because of distracted drivers. On top of that, there were other 424,000 injuries that could be linked to distracted driving. That's a 10 percent increase since 2011. When you take all the calculations into consideration, about one out of every five collisions is caused by a distracted driver.

Social media plays a major part in distracted driving. Some of the most commonly used applications include Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. In fact, in an opinion poll performed by the National Safety Council, it was found that survey respondents felt most comfortable using Facebook behind the wheel, while others felt comfortable using Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

Regardless of how comfortable a person is using a smartphone and applications behind the wheel, it's incredibly reckless. If you're hurt because of someone's negligence and distracted behavior, you have every right to seek compensation from them for your losses.

Source:, "This Is Your Brain on Apps: The Distracted Driving Dilemma," Matt Schmitz, Oct. 03, 2016

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