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Fatal accidents on the rise on stretch of local expressway

Interstate 78 has been the center of news reports because of seven accidents that have taken place on the expressway this year. The last time this many collisions took place was in 2006, when six crashes happened. Eight people died that year, and so far, 2016 has seen seven deaths on the same stretch of highway.

In the latest of the crashes, a 27-year-old woman was killed when four vehicles piled up on the interstate. The accident was a result of another driver going off the road and then airborne, coming down and hitting two westbound vehicles. Several people were hurt in the collision, with the 27-year-old woman being thrown from the vehicle, resulting in her death.

What's going on to make this particular highway so dangerous?

Various people weighing in with their opinions on the roadway have said that the roads are simply too crowded, making multi-vehicle accidents more likely. High rates of truck traffic may also be a cause, since shipments from Newark to Elizabeth pass through on this highway.

What can be done to reduce the risk of accidents in the area?

While some suggest actually building a rail line or lowering traffic through other means, one possible solution would be to have more officers patrolling the area to slow down traffic. When roads are congested, traffic is often bumper to bumper, which puts vehicles incredibly close together; if one is rear-ended, then it's likely that more vehicles will quickly become involved. With distractions and little space to make errors, it's not a surprise that many people are victimized on this highway. If you're one of those victims, you still have a right to seek out a claim. Drivers should be aware of the conditions and drive in a manner consistent with them.

Source:, "Fatal accident was 7th on this 30-mile stretch of I-78," Craig Turpin, NJ Advance Media, Aug. 29, 2016

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